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Latest Vioxx Verdict a $32-Million Blow to Merck

May 13, 2006 | 5,148 views
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A Texas jury found that Merck's pain-relieving medication Vioxx caused a 71-year-old man's death by heart attack, and handed down a $32-million judgment against the company. However, because of Texas laws limiting punitive damages, the amount will likely be reduced to $7.75 million.

Less Than One Month

In the various lawsuits against the company, Merck has tried to convince jurors that Vioxx can only cause harm if it is taken for more than 18 months.

The Texas trial concerned a man who took Vioxx for less than one month, which may bode badly for Merck in terms of future lawsuits. Merck plans to appeal the decision.

Merck Still Optimistic

Merck attorneys say they remain pleased by the 50/50 win/loss split so far in court rulings; pointing out that winning even a single case proves that juries can differentiate between those claims that are valid and those that are not.

Although Merck has vowed to fight each and every Vioxx case, legal experts believe that can only be a short-term plan; the New Jersey drugmaker has already been spending about $70 million in legal costs per case.

Forced to Settle?

If the number of plaintiffs continue to rise, judges sifting through an increasing number of Vioxx lawsuits could also put an end to the legal fight by forcing Merck and its plaintiffs to settle.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

It is coming up on 18 months now since the story broke that Merck killed 60,000 people by ignoring the clear warnings that its drug had dangerous cardiovascular toxcities that it chose to ignore so it could cash in on its investment.

Many may not realize that I was the first one to publicly warn about Vioxx on the Internet. SIX years ago I posted warnings about Vioxx, BEFORE it was even on the market. I don't know how much more of a warning I could have posted.

I sincerely believe that this whole Vioxx issue is a landmark case and represents the beginning of the end of conventional medicine.

The various wins and losses in the ongoing slew of Vioxx cases being heard across the United States -- 11,500 and counting -- have been hard to predict. And new factors, such as a pre-made trial package recently developed by Virginia attorneys for use by plaintiffs in Vioxx cases, could also affect the nature of the litigation coming down the pike.

This latest verdict is a significant sum ... but no sum is enough to compensate for the loss of a life. The truth is that no one should have to die from taking drugs so the drug companies can make massive profits.

Vioxx is more evidence of the greed that pervades conventional medicine in America. If you haven't already read the amazing story of the top insider physician who blew the whistle on the FDA about Vioxx and made all of these lawsuits possible, then please read Dr. David Graham's interview.

Educating yourself about the evil ways of companies like Merck, and the inherent danger in treating your health problems with drugs and surgery, is an excellent first step you can take toward realizing how this country's current health care system can do little to help you.

Aside from avoiding drugs you can also choose to not support them in your retirement accounts. I have given my financial advisors specific instructions to avoid any mutual fund investments that have positions in the leading drug companies and other evil giants like Monsanto.

I am committed to providing you with information that allows you an educated choice. You need to have the facts from a position that is not at all influenced by the pervasive mind-control tactics of the drug companies so you can make up your own mind.

The decision of whether you want to take control of your own health, or whether you want to abdicate control of your body to the multi-national drug corporations, is yours.

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