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A Few Extra Pounds Can be Hazardous to Your Health

September 09, 2006 | 6,098 views

Being even a few pounds overweight at age 50 increases your chances of premature death, according to a large new study.

Previous studies have shown that being obese (roughly 30 or more pounds overweight) increases the risk of premature death. But there has been some debate about whether a few extra pounds are also linked to early death.

Researchers with the National Cancer Institute examined the lifestyle habits of more than 527,000 men and women, ages 50 to 71, over a period of 10 years. They found that those who were somewhat overweight at 50 had a 20-40 percent higher risk of death. Those who were actually obese had a 100-200 percent higher risk of death.

A separate large study on Korean patients, released at the same time, came to the same conclusion. Those who were overweight in that group increased their risk of death from cancer or heart disease by as much as 50 percent. Researchers urged people to take steps to lose weight, or at least stop gaining weight.



Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Despite the belief by a very few to the contrary -- most notably that fatally, flawed paragon of conventional medicine known as the CDC -- even carrying around a few extra pounds can make the difference between life and death in middle age.

Fact is, the average American lifespan is evaporating so quickly, people still have a hard time believing it. That's why I devote so many free resources on my Web site to help you personally address the obesity epidemic.

Some tools to get you started toward adding years to your life instead of subtracting them:

1.  Retool your diet based on your body's unique nutritional type. Many people come to my office eating very high-quality nutritious foods and are still quite sick. They haven't touched sugar or junk food in ages and still suffer with many health problems.

There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the major physical ones is related to the fact that they are not eating appropriate foods for their nutritional type.

The foods that may be healthy for others are not necessarily healthy for you, and vice-versa. Thus, eating according to your specific type is the proven way to ascertain which foods work best for you.

Generally speaking, when you eat a meal that is right for your nutritional type you will feel a marked and lasting improvement in your energy, mental capacities, emotional well being, and you will have feeling of being well-satisfied for several hours.

In addition to eating the right balance of foods, you should also consider rebalancing your intake of omega-3 fats by taking a high-quality omega-3 oil, and reducing, with the plan of eliminating, grains and sugars from your daily diet. Both of these will also help you in your fight against obesity.

2.  Use the many resources on my Web site to start an exercise program that works best for you. The key to exercising is to keep in mind three important variables: length of time, frequency and intensity. By doing so, you will ensure all your hard efforts are not wasted.

I encourage my patients to gradually increase the amount of time they are exercising to 60 to 90 minutes daily. This is merely a treatment dose, however, until you normalize your weight and insulin levels. Once normalized, you will only need to exercise three to four times a week.

In general, you should exercise hard enough so that it is difficult to talk to someone next to you; however, if you cannot carry on a conversation at all, then you have gone too far and need to decrease the intensity.

3.  Address emotional issues that contribute to your physical health by learning an effective energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Emotional health is incredibly essential to your physical well-being. Even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that 85 percent of disease is caused by emotions.

No matter how devoted you are to a healthy lifestyle, it is nearly impossible to reach your goals if emotional barriers stand in your way. If you are overeating, or eating improperly, or failing to exercise for emotional reasons, you cannot make the necessary lifestyle changes until you have addressed these issues. EFT uses a combination of kinetic energy input and positive affirmations to release you of your emotional "blocks."

The battle against obesity is one of the most important health concerns in our lifetime. Right now, Americans are sicker than most of the rest of the first world. At the same time, U.S. obesity rates are skyrocketing. It doesn't take a lot of medical training to see the obvious connection.



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