How to Make International Calls at No Cost

October 28, 2006 | 7,332 views

One of the neatest technical innovations in recent memory has been the emergence of Skype, the telephony software that allows broadband users to make free local and long distance domestic calls.

They can do this from their computers to other computers and, more recently, to land lines and mobiles for free until the end of the year. But, Skype users do pay (mostly incremental amounts) for international calls.

That's all changed via, a service allowing residents in 56 countries from Austria to Australia to make free international calls by using the gateway access number listed on the site's home page. What's more, you can make these calls from any phone you wish, including a mobile.

The service requires no sign-in information on your part and will stay active until 2010. The best thing about this service, besides the fact it's free: I've tried it myself, and it works!


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