Best Video of Steve Irwin

October 31, 2006 | 6,200 views

It is possible you were one of the many people, like me, who grieved about Steve Irwin's tragic and early demise by a stingray.

Steve was one amazing man whose passion and enthusiasm for wildlife was plainly obvious. This video clip is one of the best I have ever seen of Steve, as he shows the many injuries he acquired in his wildlife encounters.

It is not surprising, but I doubt many people knew Steve was injured as often as he described.

More importantly, the video beautifully captures his passion and enthusiasm. Steve was such an absolutely wonderful model for these traits that I believe generations to come may watch some of his videos -- one day in future digital dictionaries -- when searching for those terms.

I personally have never seen anyone who so magnificently portrayed these traits. Steve Irwin is a model for all of us who aspire to live life with such passion.




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