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Dangerous Omega-3 Deficiencies Tied to Violence

November 02, 2006 | 6,939 views

A clinical trial conducted by the National Institutes for Health has been investigating the effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplements on the brain.

The research suggests that violent behavior could be caused in part by nutritional deficiencies.

Modern industrialized diets could be changing brain chemistry and function. Over the last century, omega-3 fats have been overtaken in the diet by omega-6 fats, which come from vegetable oils.

A lack of the essential fats needed by the brain may be causing mental problems ranging from depression to aggression.

NIH researchers gave 80 volunteers, who had responded to an ad seeking aggressive alcoholics, either 2 grams per day of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil, or corn oil placebos, for a period of three months. The researchers have reported "startling changes" in the violent tendencies of the subjects being given fish oil.

A similar experiment in the UK showed that when young men in prison were fed multivitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, the number of violent offences they committed while in prison fell by 37 percent. The Dutch government is currently conducting a similar trial.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

This interesting review of studies that was sponsored by the NIH (so it is likely to be unbiased) is an outstanding example of the powerful effect better nutrition can play in curbing violent behavior. All this "magic" can be achieved without expensive and dangerous drugs. The simple use of omega-3-rich fish oil can turn around the mental health, and, subsequently, the life of an ex-convict.

The convict in question found the change in his behavior nothing short of miraculous, but the scientist overseeing the American study said the benefits of the omega-3 trial aren't "a miracle" if one understands how the brain works and recognizes processed foods are virtually bereft of all the nutrients your body needs.

Depression, aggressive tendencies, and many other diseases both physical and mental, can be beaten naturally and safely by eating the right foods containing omega-3 fats.

The trick about fish oil is taking a high-quality product that doesn't contain high levels of mercury and PCBs.. One of the best sources you could use: krill oll that's mercury-free and full of beneficial omega-3 fats.

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