Death Rate Still 100% Worldwide

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February 01, 2007 | 6,798 views

Despite efforts by doctors, rescue workers and other medical professionals worldwide, the global death rate remains constant at 100 percent. This metabolic affliction causes total shutdown of all life functions and represents humanity's number one health concern. Plus, death:

It is beginning to seem possible that birth, and the subsequent life cycle that follows, may be a serious safety risk for all involved.

As this tongue-in-cheek article in The Onion so gracefully points out, even with the best lifestyle and access to health care in the world, none of us are going to leave this planet alive. Still, you can live your life with the greatest vigor by following some basic principles of good health.

And while you won't live forever, there are ways to extend your lifespan amazingly. Calorie restriction reduces your insulin levels and triggers the production of sirtuins that are produced as part of an intricate stress response that kicks an organism into survival mode (which beefs up DNA repair and prevents cells from dying).

And you can obtain benefits similar to those of calorie restriction if you limit your calories to foods that will not raise your insulin levels. That means lowering grains and sugars. Another variable that triggers the production of sirtuins is the antioxidant resveratrol, found in natural sources like whole grape skins.

On Vital Votes, Dex from Orem, Utah adds:

"Since it's inevitable, we can either die mortified (premature systemic death), or we can die laughing (extended symptoms of joy, denial, bliss).

"Personally, I prefer the extended joy option."

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