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How to Eat More Raw Food

August 25, 2007 | 91,778 views
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In case you haven‘t already been converted to eating as much raw food as possible, you may want to consider this very interesting fact that I learned from Dr. Mercola‘s new book, Take Control of Your Health.

If you cook raw broccoli in the microwave, with a little water added to it, it can lose up to 97% of the antioxidant benefits that the food contained prior to being microwaved. Even if you steam broccoli, it can lose up to 11% of its nutrients. I don‘t know about you, but I prefer to keep as many nutrients as possible in my food.

So, if you can eat broccoli and other vegetables raw, then obviously, you‘ll retain all those nutrients in their natural state, and all the antioxidants. Therefore, your body will benefit from foods that are in the form most ideal for it.

Practically speaking, this may seem a bit intimidating, trying to incorporate more raw foods into your diet. But here are a couple of ways you can consider doing it.

If you‘re a carb type, you can juice all your vegetables, and that‘s a great way for you to get your vegetable nutrients. If you‘d like to make the juice a bit sweeter, you can add some carrot or apple juice, but add either in moderation because they‘re not your ideal vegetables. But they‘ll both sweeten the juice nicely. You can also add beets, which are very sweet and have a beautiful flavor; they‘re lovely for carb types.

If you‘re a mixed or protein type, you may want to consider grating your vegetables into a type of raw cole slaw, to which you can add some raw cream or olive oil. That would be a very tasty way for you to get the vegetables you need in their best, raw state. That‘s the way your body benefits from them the best.

I hope you enjoyed both of those tips, and that they help you to incorporate more raw foods into your diet.

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