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The Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time

February 21, 2008 | 100,053 views
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bizarre experiments, medical experiments, amazing, strange, mad scienceWhat happens if you give an elephant LSD? Can you keep the severed head of a dog alive apart from its body? Would you drink vomit to prove a theory?

Although these experiments are listed on the Museum of Hoaxes web site, every single one of them is absolutely real -- part of a list of scientific experiments that are mind-twistingly, jaw-droppingly strange, and will make you wonder, "How did anyone ever conceive of doing such a thing?"

To find out about the experiments above, and many more, click the link below.

And then, after you’re done browsing through such macabre samplings as how anyone can become a willing murderer if approached in the right way, or why anyone in their right mind would create two-headed dogs in an effort to perfect surgical techniques, take a moment to consider this:

You too are a participant in not just one, but several radical, large-scale experiments!

Here’s my Top Ten list of current medical and scientific grand-scale experiments that you’re unwittingly participating in:

1.      Water fluoridation

2.      Mandated vaccinations

3.      Information-carrying radio waves

4.      Pharmaceutical drug use for everything from non-existent diseases to ailments that do not have a pharmacological cure

5.      Mercury exposures that are claimed to be “safe”

6.      Estrogen-mimicking compounds used in everything from children’s toys  to that steak on your plate

7.      Aspartame

8.      Genetically modified foods, and cloned meats

9.      HAARP

10.    Chemtrails

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