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13 of the Ugliest Animals on the Planet

September 28, 2010 | 50,322 views
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As Bryan Nelson for the Mother Nature Network says:

"Not every animal is as cuddly as a giant panda or as extravagant as a peacock, but every animal has its role to play and every organism is important. As they say, beauty is only skin deep. Let's hope — for the sake of these 13 unsightly animals — that the same can be said for ugliness."

    California condor
  1. California condor - Its bald head is an adaptation for its lifestyle as a scavenger, since a feathered head would become clotted with blood while the bird feeds.
  2. Blobfish - The blobfish looks more like a ball of slime than a living creature. Its gooey, pudding-like flesh allows it to stay buoyant at depths where gaseous bladders can't function.
  3. Naked mole rat - Their hairless bodies are an adaptation for their underground environment.
  4. Proboscis monkey - Nothing turns on a female proboscis monkey more than a big, bulbous nose. The big noses also help the monkeys to make loud, resonating warning calls.
  5. Warthog - These wild members of the pig family have the characteristic pig nose, tusks protruding from their mouths, a wart-like curvature to their faces and a nappy mane of hair.
  6. Star-nosed mole - These moles might have the most bizarre noses in the animal kingdom, with 22 fleshy appendages that act more like ultra-sensitive fingers than a nose.
  7. Aye-aye - This gremlin-looking creature is a primate found in Madagascar. They have a number of unusual traits, including a long, bony middle finger that they use to pry insects from tree trunks.
  8. Monkfish - These freaky-looking fish are a commonly eaten delicacy.
  9. Marabou stork - Standing over 5 feet tall, these sickly-looking African birds are scavengers of large carrion, which is why they have featherless heads.
  10. Elephant seal - With massive, floppy trunks, these seals that resemble elephants are capable of making loud, roaring snorts.
  11. Horseshoe bat - Like most insect-eating bats, horseshoe bats have a warped appearance that looks more like an ear than a face. This adaptation makes them more receptive to sound waves.
  12. Red-lipped batfish - The red-lipped batfish looks like it tried to compensate for an unusual body by caking on the lipstick.
  13. Hyena - These scavengers look something like wild dogs, but they are more closely related to civets, mongooses and meerkats.

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