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How to Save Gas This Summer

June 29, 2011 | 31,480 views
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save gas this summerThe price of gas is high, but there are ways to get better mileage. Yahoo Autos suggests a number of gas-saving driving tactics you might not have thought of.  Here are a few:

Coast to a Stop

Brakes are wasteful -- they take the gasoline-generated kinetic energy of your car and turn it into waste heat. Slowly coasting to a red light is actually much more fuel efficient.

Close the Windows and Use A/C at High Speeds:

Aerodynamic drag rises exponentially with speed­. At 60 mph or higher, keeping them closed and running the air conditioning will burn less fuel.

When Coasting Downhill, Leave the Car in Gear:

Coasting downhill in neutral is illegal in most states, and it's always dangerous. But leaving the car in gear while coasting downhill actually is more efficient anyway;  the injectors in most fuel-injected engines today shut off automatically when necessary, so the engine consumes no fuel at all while the vehicle is coasting. But an engine idling in neutral still consumes fuel.

To see the rest of their suggestions, click on the link below.

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