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How to Prevent Hearing Loss and Improve Your Hearing With Nutrition

December 5, 2016 | 59,860 Views

Hearing loss can mean lost freedoms and social withdrawal. But emerging studies show how to protect your hearing for a lifetime. One of which is the nutrient that boosts the special protein linking synapses in your inner ear to those in your brain - which also restored hearing in mice.

Quality Versus Quantity When It Comes to Healthy Carbs

December 5, 2016 | 16,632 Views

Most people think the key to weight control is willpower, but new research shows the hormone leptin, which is produced by your body's fat cells, is the culprit in the calorie-counting conundrum. High-carb foods can promote inflammatory microbiota, leptin resistance, metabolic syndrome and obesity, but not all carbs are created equal. Which ones are beneficial, and how much?

Insufficient Sun Exposure Is Declared a Public Health Emergency

December 5, 2016 | 7,994 Views

Many public health initiatives are aimed at reducing the top 10 leading causes of death in the US. However, you may be overlooking this one small change to your daily activities that may significantly reduce your risk and improve your overall health.

Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC

December 4, 2016 | 150,397 Views

Instead, you need to watch out for yourself. Were these studies done properly using valid scientific criteria, you'd gain incredible insights. And you'd avoid this brain toxin like the plague. As it stands now, they have your doctor brainwashed to believe it's a godsend for your health.

How to Make Healthy Deviled Eggs? Add Guacamole and Turmeric

December 4, 2016 | 34,563 Views

This recipe, made by Paleohacks especially for Mercola.com, is a unique take on a time-honored dish that contains healthy fat, protein and antioxidants, making it the perfect appetizer for your next party.

When Your Doctor Prescribes This, Please Don't Fill the Prescription

December 3, 2016 | 191,486 Views

Shameful but true, doctors often dance around the truth. If you don't look out for yourself on this one, your doctor may lead you down a path you'll regret for life. And considering how often this kills within the first 2.5 years, it may be a shorter life than you intend. Buyer beware.

Prematurely Gray? This Is Probably Why

December 3, 2016 | 96,082 Views

Gray hair has been linked to aging ever since humans have lived long enough to experience it. Some people don't like it though, and want to turn back time somehow. New research suggests it may be possible. Graying hair could involve signaling proteins, or a shortage of color-producing melanocytes. Could certain foods help, too?

Breathe, Exhale and Repeat: What Are the Benefits of Controlled Breathing?

December 2, 2016 | 142,437 Views

Helps even the most devout 'Type A' person relax and gain astounding health benefits - lowers blood pressure, anxiety and inflammation. Even enhances the expression of your genes. With so many benefits versus cost, this ROI is something you'll want to write home about.

Ironically, Less Cushion in Your Running Shoes May Mean Fewer Injuries

December 2, 2016 | 20,979 Views

Running continues to enjoy popularity but without a reduction in the number of injuries athletes experience. You might be surprised to learn that the type of shoe you wear, and small changes in running style, may improve your performance and reduce your risk for injury.

How Sunlight Affects Your Mental Health

December 1, 2016 | 147,087 Views

And especially this time of year, that finding takes on even more significance. Confirmed by this recent study of healthy young women who actually developed clinically significant depressive symptoms with low levels of this nutrient, it's an important take-home message for anyone feeling blue this time of year or anytime.

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