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A Day in the Life of Dr. Mercola

July 31, 2016 | 16,623 Views

Back in the late '90s I was making a difference in a limited number of people's lives, but I had no idea that by making this decision it would change everything, and I have not one regret since. To celebrate this milestone, I'm laying exactly what I do on a typical day, step-by-step. Includes the exact recipe for my 'chocolate fat bomb' and daily salad - plus much more.

A Treasure Trove of Information Waiting to Be Unlocked — And Here’s the Key

July 31, 2016 | 4,090 Views

What's the best way to sift through thousands of pages of health articles and content? The answer: our new and improved search engine. Let this nifty tool serve as the 'key' to unlock the answer to your top health questions - it's only a click away!

Why Nose Breathing Is so Important for Optimal Health and Fitness

July 30, 2016 | 232,404 Views

Are you looking at an increased potential for health problems down the road? Take a few seconds now and see with this easy self-test. If the results show you need improvement, the how-to is right here. You'll help boost blood flow to your heart, oxygenate your body, feel more calm, and even help lower your blood pressure.

Misophonia: The Often Misunderstood Sensitivity to Sound

July 30, 2016 | 52,416 Views

Does the sound of someone eating, breathing or typing on a keyboard make you irrationally irritated and angry? Have you ever wanted to attack someone because the sound of their lips smacking was too much for you to handle? If so, you could be suffering from misophonia, the hatred of sound.

Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

July 29, 2016 | 197,006 Views

The studies are piling in, showing that this helps you drop pounds faster. Two studies showed an improved metabolic rate within as little as 10 minutes. Fortunately, it's a simple way to remove unwanted pounds, and might not cost a penny. So what are you waiting for?

Can a Hot Bath Cut Blood Sugar and Burn Calories?

July 29, 2016 | 31,017 Views

Are you tempted to sit in a sauna to burn more calories? You might be surprised to learn the different benefits to both heat and cold thermogenesis, including naturally reducing body fat percentage and increasing growth hormone levels.

The Addiction Conspiracy: How Government and Big Pharma Created an Epidemic

July 28, 2016 | 189,201 Views

This should send chills down your spine, especially if you or a loved one uses this drug. To date, more than 194,000 people have died from it, especially in one highly vulnerable group. If you know or love someone with this, you'd do well to help them find an alternative.

Memory Loss or Dementia?

July 28, 2016 | 58,699 Views

Learn how to determine if your lapses in memory are normal or an early sign of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Plus, if you're concerned about brain health, here's what you should be eating starting today.

Enjoy the Zesty Goodness of Lemon Oil

July 28, 2016 | 83,563 Views

A drop of lemon oil, whether added to foods, diffused or mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed on your skin, can give you a host of benefits. Discover the many uses of this versatile essential oil, plus tips on how to use it safely.

Elevated Blood Sugar Sets the Stage for Cancer Growth

July 27, 2016 | 227,988 Views

Yet millions continue to live in denial, while also putting themselves at a greater risk of diabetes and all the nasty side effects of a bulging waistline. Don't let this 'dirty fuel' into your body or you'll regret it.

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