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Breathing Program to Improve Mental and Physical Health in Two Weeks

April 23, 2017 | 79,121 Views

If you (and you probably do) breathe incorrectly, you may be impairing your health and promoting anxiety and depression. By following this 14-day program that teaches you how to breathe for health, you can improve your sleep, brain function, eating habits and resilience to stress, while you reduce pain and inflammation and boost longevity.

Crisp and Spicy Avocado Wasabi Salad: Sweet and Fiery in Every Bite

April 23, 2017 | 24,559 Views

Sweetness and spiciness come together very well in this healthy salad recipe. Why don't you give this salad a try today?

Back to Eden — How Simple, Natural Methods Can Take the Work Out of Gardening, and Boost Your Harvest

April 22, 2017 | 520,044 Views

If you could bottle it, they would. This growing trend has increased, and no wonder - it can make you happier, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and much, much more. Here's a great way to see results in as little as 7 days.

What Happens to Your Leftover Bar of Hotel Soap?

April 22, 2017 | 28,003 Views

Most people leave behind soap, shampoo and body wash when they leave a hotel room. While some gets tossed in the trash, some soap is recycled, making its way across the globe to help stop the spread of deadly diseases in countries where soap supplies are limited.

Stand Up, Sit Less, Move More — Especially if You Are Diabetic

April 21, 2017 | 118,982 Views

Research shows how noteworthy this simple strategy is for normalizing insulin and reversing or preventing diabetes. And it's remarkably quick-acting, even for older folks and full-blown diabetics. It's a terrific return on investment, even if you don't have diabetes.

Are You Doing Pushups Correctly?

April 21, 2017 | 28,092 Views

Pushups are simple, effective and inexpensive total body exercises. However, small mistakes may increase your risk of injury, sidelining you for weeks. I’ll tell you exactly how to get the most from those pushups without increasing your risk for injury.

Science Reveals Why Nature Sounds and Deep Breathing Are so Relaxing

April 20, 2017 | 148,357 Views

People who live in these areas are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. If you do, here's what to seek out and even what to create in your own home to minimize the impact - and even recover faster from a stressful event.

Sleep Deprivation Costs Billions and Makes People Rude

April 20, 2017 | 19,859 Views

Even one night of poor sleep is enough to change employees' behavior and attitudes at work the next day, leading to increases in 'unwanted behaviors' like rudeness, taking long (unapproved) lunches and theft. Such misbehaviors cost the US $200 billion a year while posing steep individual risks as well.

Gear Up for Improved Health With Galbanum Oil

April 20, 2017 | 39,313 Views

Because of the variety of healing purposes under its belt, galbanum oil can be a force to be reckoned with. Learn about the history and health benefits you can get from this essential oil.

Drug Overdoses Are the 9th Leading Cause of Death in the US

April 19, 2017 | 116,884 Views

Sadly, millions are - prescriptions have increased by more than 300 percent in recent years. And according to the director of the CDC, there is no other medication routinely used for a nonfatal condition that kills patients so frequently. Be very careful.

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