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These Anxiety Support Groups Can Help With Your Situation

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  • An important reminder for people with an anxiety disorder is this: You are not alone
  • There are also applications that you can download on your smartphone or tablet that can help with mediating feelings of anxiety or stress
  • If you’re experiencing any negative feelings that may be signs of an anxiety disorder, seek help immediately

If you or someone you know has an anxiety disorder, remember that you are not alone. Apart from sharing your experiences with your counselor or psychiatrist, you can also seek out support groups where you can communicate feelings or experiences you may encounter, as well as deliver and receive encouraging messages from other anxiety disorder patients. There are also applications that you can download on your smartphone or tablet that can help with mediating feelings of anxiety and stress.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is an international and nonprofit organization based in Silver Spring, Maryland, that focuses on the “prevention, treatment and cure of anxiety, depressive, obsessive-compulsive and trauma-related disorders through, education, practice and research.”1

The ADAA has two online search engines that you can use to look for support groups within your state or city and which allow you to get in touch with those groups.2 Or, you can download their application on the Apple Store.3


TherapyTribe, which started in 2006, aims to build an online community of people experiencing mental health problems, addictions and other diseases. This organization believes that “communicating, sharing and connecting with others in your community will have a positive [effect] on your healing and your life.”4

Under TherapyTribe, you’ll be able to find the subgroup AnxietyTribe. As its name implies, AnxietyTribe focuses on people diagnosed with anxiety disorders, and provides its users a platform to visit activity streams, forums and chat rooms, to participate in wellness changes and communicate with other members, and to learn new concepts and access new tools to help address anxiety better.5

Big White Wall (BWW)

This U.K.-based organization was established by social entrepreneur Jen Hyatt in 2007.6 The BWW has become a well-recognized online platform that assists stressed and anxious people in recovering from whatever conditions they may be facing.7

Take note that the BWW is free only in areas in the U.K. It can be accessed by patients under NHS, students at certain universities or serving personnel, veterans and their families. For private individuals, BWW also offers paid subscriptions.8 If you join, here are some of the features that you can access:9

Be part of an anonymous support community

Post “talkabouts” allowing you to share experiences and gain advice, whether by sharing to the whole community, or to groups or individuals

Create a “brick” that permits self-expression either by uploading or drawing images

Take assessments that’ll help you discover more about your personality

Learn “useful stuff,” or information that will assist you in learning more about processing your feelings, set goals and track progress

Take programs or online guided support courses about different topics and discover recognized therapies

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Helpful Applications for People With Anxiety Disorders

If you’re uncomfortable interacting with people online for long periods of time, you can download useful applications on your smartphone or tablet. These can help you cope with anxious feelings that you may experience. Here are some useful applications for people living with anxiety disorders, as suggested by BuzzFeed:10

Pacifica (free on iOS and Android)

Headspace ($6.24 to 12.95 per month after a free 10-day trial, available on iOS and Android)

Breathe2Relax (free on iOS and Android)

PTSD Coach (free on iOS and Android)

Positive Activity Jackpot (free on Android)

Acupressure: Heal Yourself ($1.99 on iOS and Android)

Worry Watch ($1.99 on iOS)

I Can Be Free (free for first session but $2.99 for additional recordings, available on iOS and Android)

Stress Doctor ($4.99 on iOS)

MindShift (free on IOS and Android)

Remember, though, that these applications aren’t meant to be substitutes for professional treatment. If you’re experiencing any signs of an anxiety disorder, seek help immediately.


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