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How to Treat Bursitis Safely and Naturally

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  • Bursitis, if not treated, can be a debilitating condition that can prevent you from performing your usual tasks and enjoying life
  • There are several ways to treat this condition without any medication. Learn the safe and natural ways you can implement them in this guide

Bursitis, if not treated, can be a debilitating condition that can prevent you from performing your usual tasks and enjoying life. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat this condition without any medication.

Self-Care and Rest Are Your Primary Priorities

If you’re diagnosed with bursitis, one of the first things a doctor will recommend is to immediately rest the affected area. This simply means that you should stop doing any repetitive motions that can strain your bursa, which may likely have caused the inflammation. You should simply rest to allow the swelling to subside on its own.1

To help reduce the inflammation faster, you can place ice packs on the affected area. Wrap ice in a towel and apply to the site of inflammation for 10 to 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure every few hours.2

To sleep properly while treating bursitis, avoid sleeping on the side of the affected area. This helps reduce the pressure on the inflamed area, allowing you to sleep comfortably so the condition can heal quicker. You may want to improvise a bit to make things easier for you, such as placing your foot on a pillow to raise your ankle.3

You Can Perform Special Exercises Specifically Designed to Treat Bursitis

There are several exercises you can try to help heal bursitis. These special workouts can specifically target the bursae in the shoulder, knee and hips.

These exercises are designed to help strengthen the muscles and reduce the chances of the bursae swelling again. In addition, you may be required to use assistive devices, such as a cane or protective braces, to help prevent injury to the bursae while moving.4

It’s recommended you visit a rheumatologist, because they specialize in treating conditions that affect the muscle and joints. If the damage is extensive and your condition can’t be treated with therapy anymore, you may be referred to an orthopedic surgeon, which specializes in surgical procedures on the bones, muscles and joints.5

Try Essential Oils to Help Reduce the Swelling

Aromatherapy can be an effective tool in helping alleviate the pain that comes with bursitis. Essential oils contain certain compounds that may have anti-inflammatory effects, along with having a pleasant scent that you can enjoy. These oils have certain antispasmodic compounds as well, which act as muscle relaxants. The best anti-inflammatory essential oils you can use for bursitis are:6







Before you proceed with using essential oils, remember to consult with your doctor to check for any potential allergic reactions or irritations. Also, make sure to do a skin test by placing a few drops of your chosen oil on your arm. If any irritation occurs, stop using the oil immediately.

If All Else Fails, Surgery May Be Needed

If the home remedies fail and the pain becomes severe, it may be time to consider undergoing surgery. You will undergo a process called aspiration, wherein a needle will be inserted into the inflamed bursa to drain the fluid. This will help relieve your pain and improve the range of motion in your joint. Afterward, you will be required to rest the area for two days or so before you try to use it again.7

However, there are some cases where the bursa needs to be completely removed, such as the case of septic bursitis. This is when the bursa has been severely infected by bacteria, and any form of treatment has been ineffective. Surgically removing the bursa will reduce the risk of additional health complications, and allow a new bursa to form in its place.8


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