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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?

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  • Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be easily diagnosed by being aware of small changes in the body
  • The first step for proper diagnosis is being aware of the possible signs and symptoms of diabetes, common or not

Because of the effects of diabetes on glucose expenditure and insulin production, this illness can heavily influence numerous body processes. This means that the symptoms of diabetes may be found spread out across the different organs, as it normally affects the kidneys, skin, eyes and other important parts of the body.

Due to diabetes' effects on the body, early diagnosis is extremely important to control these symptoms before they can lead to more severe complications.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes You Should Look Out For

Symptoms of diabetes don't usually present themselves clearly, which may lead to either misdiagnosis or getting diagnosed only when the disease is already in an advanced stage. If you are at risk of developing either types of diabetes, some of the symptoms that you should look out for include the following:

  • Increased urination or polyuria — Because of the inefficient glucose uptake, the kidney is forced to work overtime and try to absorb as much glucose as it can to filter out. This then leads it to leach fluids from other body systems, such as urine.
  • Fatigue and tiredness — The imbalance in glucose levels can lead to incorrect energy allotment, which can trigger fatigue and make diabetes patients perpetually tired, even if they follow a healthy sleep pattern and get adequate food intake.1
  • Muscle weakness. — Neuropathy brought on by diabetes may affect muscle strength and balance. About 60 to 70 percent of diabetes patients suffer from this nerve damage, which may manifest in different parts of the body.2
  • Slow-healing sores — The high glucose levels in the body slow down the healing process by obstructing proper blood circulation, which is essential for skin repair. This can also heighten the risk for wound infections.3
  • Blurred vision — If you notice that your eyesight is getting blurry, this does not necessarily mean that your eye health has deteriorated. The temporary blurred vision brought on by diabetes is commonly attributed to the high blood glucose levels that may cause the lens of the eyes to swell.4

Rare and Often Overlooked Symptoms of Diabetes

Aside from the common symptoms of diabetes mentioned above, there are also some tell-tale symptoms that are often overlooked by diabetics . These symptoms are commonly attributed to other possible health conditions instead of diabetes.

  • Skin changes — Poor blood glucose levels can have an impact on skin health by triggering bacterial and fungal infections. Other skin conditions that diabetes may cause include skin tags, digital sclerosis and blisters.5
  • Excessive sweating — Hyperhidrosis may be observed in people with diabetes because of possible neuropathy. Low blood glucose may also cause excessive sweating by triggering your fight-or-flight response.6
  • Yellow nails — The effect of diabetes on metabolic processes and nutrient breakdown can affect the production of collagen, which can cause yellowing in the nails.7

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