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Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids

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  • In order to prevent these swollen veins around your anus or lower rectum from affecting you, you must work on keeping your stools soft
  • Hemorrhoids aren’t life-threatening, but they can be very painful. Here are some tips that you should consider to prevent yourself from getting hemorrhoids

While hemorrhoids aren’t life-threatening, they can be very painful.1 In order to prevent them from affecting you, you must work on keeping your stools soft, since excessive straining during bowel movement and other complications caused by constipation are major factors that affect your risk of hemorrhoids.2 The Mayo Clinic provides some tips that you should consider:3

Drink plenty of fluids — Drink  pure, high-quality, filtered and unfluoridated water throughout the day to soften your stool.

Refrain from consuming alcohol, soda, energy drinks and caffeine-4 and fructose-loaded items, since these contain unhealthy and artificial ingredients and sugars that can do you more harm than good and possibly worsen conditions too.

Avoid straining and holding your breath during a bowel movement — By doing so, pressure is increased in the veins found in the lower rectum, raising your risk for hemorrhoids.

Relieve yourself as soon as you feel the urge — By prolonging bowel movements,  your stool may become dry and harder to pass, straining the passageway and possibly triggering development of hemorrhoids.

Switch from using toilet paper to a bidet Using toilet paper to wipe your backside can cause irritation.

A bidet is not only a gentler option, but it saves you more money, lessens hand contamination and reduces your impact on the environment.

Avoid long periods of sitting — This may raise the pressure in your anal veins and predispose you to hemorrhoids.

When on the toilet, squat, don't sit — Sitting on the toilet during a bowel movement prompts your body to pinch off the anal canal, stopping elimination.

Opt to squat instead, since this position puts your knees closer to your torso, changes the spatial relationships of your organs and muscles, and relaxes and straightens your rectum — all resulting in efficient elimination.

How Increasing Fiber Intake Helps Reduce Your Risk of Hemorrhoids

Fiber is one of the nutrients that’s usually recommended for people who wish to lower their hemorrhoid risk. It’s known to be effective at softening your stools, adding bulk to and promoting easier passage of feces,5 and preventing straining that can lead to hemorrhoids or worsen complications from existing hemorrhoids.

Ideally, increase your intake of fiber-rich foods to ensure you get as much of this nutrient as possible. Just make sure to slowly introduce them into your diet to avoid gas problems. Organic psyllium husk,  a simple and cost-effective way to add fiber into your system, is another way to ensure that you have sufficient fiber stores.

Alongside all of these, make sure to drink enough water every day. If you’re dehydrated because there isn’t enough fluid in your system and you take fiber supplements, this may lead to, or further aggravate constipation.6

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The Role Exercise Plays in Lowering Hemorrhoid Risk

Long periods of standing or sitting can increase pressure on your veins and raise your hemorrhoid risk.7 This is why most experts recommend that you exercise or do physical activities in order to prevent hemorrhoids.8

When you exercise, you avoid constipation by reducing the amount of time foods move within the large intestine, and consequently the amount of water that has to be absorbed from the stool. This makes the stool less hard and dry, promoting smoother elimination of feces from the body. WebMD also notes that aerobic exercise may assist with stimulating contractions of intestinal muscles, allowing stools to be eliminated from the body more quickly.9

Aside from promoting better body function, exercising also allows you to get rid of excess weight, another factor that may make it more likely for you to develop hemorrhoids.10


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