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Jasmine Absolute Oil Gives Off a Romantic Vibe and Immense Health Benefits

jasmine absolute oil

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  • Are you planning something special for your special someone? Give off an additional romantic vibe by using jasmine absolute oil, which may immensely help you win your loved one’s heart
  • Read on to learn more of the benefits jasmine absolute oil offers

What Is Jasmine Absolute Oil?

Jasmine absolute oil can be extracted from different jasmine species, such as common jasmine (Jasminum Officinale) and Spanish jasmine (Jasminum Grandiflorum). They belong to the Oleaceae family, which has more than 200 species under its genus.

Jasmine absolute oil is extracted from the white flowers of the plant, which can reach a height of 10 to 15 feet, and bears dark green leaves. Its flowers usually blossom at night,1 but the plant grows from summer until fall.2 Due to its powerful fragrance, Pakistan has named jasmine its national flower. In India, it is regarded by the Hindus as a holy flower.

Uses of Jasmine Absolute Oil

Jasmine absolute oil is known to be an important ingredient in making perfumes such as Chanel No. 5 and Eau de Sauvage from France. In culinary, it is used to add flavor to alcohol, confectionery (candies) and desserts. It is also added to body lotions, shampoos and soaps.

In South India, jasmine flowers are used in garland preparation and as a hair decoration.

Composition of Jasmine Absolute Oil

The essential oil is composed of various properties such as benzyl acetate, linalool, benzyl alcohol, indole, benzyl benzoate, cis-jasmone, geraniol, methyl anthranilate. It contains traces of p. cresol, farnesol, cis-3-hexenyl benzoate, eugenol, nerol, ceosol, benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, y-terpineol, nerolidol, isohytol and phytol.

Jasmine absolute oil blends well with rose, neroli, bergamot, petitgrain, sandalwood, citruses, palmarosa, geranium and rosewood.

Benefits of Jasmine Absolute Oil

Jasmine absolute oil is known to be an effective aphrodisiac with seductive qualities. It may help address sexual problems like premature ejaculation and impotence. When used by lovers, it's believed to help release strong sexual energies and stimulate sexual chakra. It also works great when used during yoga.3

The essential oil contains carminative, emmenagogue, expectorant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and tonic agents. Other benefits of jasmine absolute oil include:4

Rejuvenates skin. It can help in treating dry or dehydrated skin, eczema and dermatitis. However, it should not be applied to open wounds as it can cause skin irritation or allergic reaction.

Relieves menstrual problems and labor pains. Jasmine absolute oil may help relieve pain during menstruation, and may assist in regulating a woman's menstrual cycle. It may also be beneficial during childbirth because it is reported to strengthen contractions and promote breast milk flow.5

Works as an antiseptic. The benzaldehyde, benzoic acid and benzyl benzoate in this essential oil have antiviral and germicidal properties. It may prevent infections when applied to wounds.

Treats spasms. It aids in alleviating spasmodic cough, stomach cramps and spasms in other body parts.

Mind relaxation. The oil can improve your state of mind by inducing confidence, optimism and euphoria. It helps banish fear, guilt and stress.6 The aroma of the oil may help relax and uplift the spirit.7

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How to Make Jasmine Absolute Oil

Jasmine absolute oil is produced from enfleurage or solvent extraction, as steam distillation is not suitable for the fragile jasmine flowers. Enfleurage is the old method of extracting oils from fragile flowers. Most producers nowadays conduct solvent extraction, but do take note that since solvent extraction will involve other chemicals, it may alter the composition of the herbal oil.

To achieve the highest quality oil, jasmine flowers have to be harvested at night as they secrete a powerful fragrance before sunrise. Be careful in picking the flowers and avoid "bruising" them, because bruised flowers will produce an unpleasant fragrance. Jasmine absolute oil has a golden to brown color.8

How Does Jasmine Absolute Oil Work?

Jasmine absolute oil works in different ways, depending on how you need it. It can be inhaled, diffused or can be simply applied externally. The following are some ways to use your jasmine absolute oil:9

Through a diffuser. Just add some drops of the essential to your diffuser to provide a relaxing and refreshing fragrance to your home.

External application. Apply a few drops of the oil on your neck or forehead to calm and clear your mind, or to feel a surge of hope and happiness. Applying it topically can also treat skin disorders and muscle spasms.

Inhalation. Jasmine absolute oil also aids coughs and relieves nervousness and stress when inhaled.

Is Jasmine Absolute Oil Safe?

The essential oil is generally safe. It is considered to be non-sensitizing, non-irritant and nontoxic. However, it should be used in moderation as large doses can interfere with your concentration due to its relaxing property. Oral ingestion of this essential oil is not recommended.10 If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, I advise you to avoid using this oil.

Side Effects of Jasmine Absolute Oil

Even though there are no known side effects for this oil, I recommend diluting jasmine absolute with a safe and non-toxic carrier oil.

Always conduct a skin patch test first to check if you are allergic to this herbal oil. If you currently have a terminal or chronic illness, it is best to consult first with a medical professional before applying this essential oil.