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Different Treatments for Lupus

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lupus treatment

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  • Treatment for lupus refers to controlling the symptoms, not curing the disease
  • In treating lupus, medication is usually the first recommendation since it can control the symptoms, but it shouldn't be the only method for treatment

There is no cure for lupus. Doctors are unsure about how this illness forms and a cure remains elusive to this day. When the word "treatment" is discussed in the context of lupus, it's for controlling the symptoms, not curing the disease.1 However, there is some progress on the hunt for a cure.

Researchers Unlock a Potential Method to ‘Reverse’ Lupus

In a study published in 2015 by Science Translational Magazine, researchers proposed that lupus cells have an overactive metabolism. By blocking two metabolic pathways in T cells, they were able to reverse the symptoms on their test subjects, which were mice. The researchers noted:2

“… CD4+ T cells from the TC lupus model as well as from SLE patients exhibit elevated glycolysis and mitochondrial oxidative metabolism as compared to non-autoimmune controls, both ex vivo and after in vitro activation. We also showed that the enhanced oxidative metabolism is attributed to a combination of higher glucose, fatty acid, and glutamine oxidation.

Moreover, the enhanced metabolism in CD4+ T cells is associated with an increased mTORC1 activity. These findings led us to hypothesize that lupus could be treated with metabolic modulators that target both glycolysis and mitochondrial metabolism.”

The team concluded that more tests were needed to confirm the validity of the results before moving on to human testing, but the initial trial has shown promise.3

Managing Lupus Symptoms

In treating lupus, medication is usually the first recommendation since it can control the symptoms, but  it shouldn't be the only method for treatment. If it is absolutely necessary to take medication, be sure to research your doctor's prescriptions for potential side effects and communicate your concerns.

Your symptoms will likely dictate the kind of specialist you need to visit, so be sure to note all signs and symptoms you have been experiencing before an appointment. Over the course of treatment, regular consultation is very important so you can discuss your progress and adjust the treatment as necessary. For alternatives when treating lupus, you may refer to these three strategies listed below.

DHEA Supplementation

There is some growing body of evidence regarding the effectiveness of DHEA supplementation in the management of lupus. DHEA (dehydropiandrosterone) is a precursor hormone that helps your body produce other hormones.4

According to a study published in Alternative Medicine Review, lupus patients have low DHEA serum levels. Supplementing may help decrease inflammatory markers in the immune system.5

Vitamin D Supplementation

A study published in Current Rheumatology Reports notes that vitamin D is crucial to many biological processes, particularly your immune system. Researchers also found that vitamin D deficiency is prevalent among people diagnosed with lupus.6

There’s a chance that supplementing your vitamin D levels may help improve may improve management, but more studies are needed.7

Omega-3 Supplementation

The anti-inflammatory benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are well known, and even suggested be useful in the management of inflammatory disorders.8 Using this hypothesis, researchers who published their findings in The Journal of Rheumatology note that omega-3 supplementation helped patients manage their symptoms better compared to those who took a placebo.9


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