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Lyme Disease Treatment Strategies


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  • Unfortunately, conventional Lyme disease treatment, which typically involves a short course of antibiotics, is often unsuccessful
  • A noteworthy treatment, which can even be used for chronic Lyme disease treatment, is the use of natural antimicrobials

Early treatment of Lyme disease is crucial if you want to prevent complications, such as chronic joint inflammation (Lyme arthritis), cognitive defects, neurological symptoms and heart rhythm irregularities.1

Unfortunately, conventional treatment, which typically involves a short course of antibiotics, is often unsuccessful. The majority of patients continue to experience various symptoms after this treatment.2

What is alarming is that the quality of life of chronic Lyme disease patients is very similar to people who have congestive heart failure. Eventually, the disease may lead to loss of motor coordination, severe muscle spasms, meningitis and even intermittent paralysis.

Why Antibiotic Treatment Is Not the Best Option

If you think long-term antibiotic treatment is the solution, you need to know that it can lead to life-threatening adverse effects.3 This treatment, which is used by most conventional physicians, will seriously harm your gut microbiome.

Antibiotics will also increase your risk of yeast or fungal infections, two already common issues in Lyme disease. Moreover, your natural immune function will be diminished, increasing your risk of antibiotic-resistant infection. For these reasons, the best thing you can do is to exhaust all natural alternatives first.

Natural Strategies to Help Fight Lyme Infection

A noteworthy treatment, which can even be used for chronic Lyme disease treatment, is the use of natural antimicrobials. One example is the Nutramedix line of herbal antimicrobials from one of the most prominent alternative medicine experts, Dr. Lee Cowden.

The best feature of this natural treatment for Lyme disease is that it rotates various herbal antimicrobials, so you don't have to worry about bacteria developing resistance.

To help your body fight the infection, you should consume a nutritious diet rich in antioxidants. You can also take antioxidants and other supplements, to help your body fight the infection and relieve symptoms. Here are some supplement recommendations if you are embracing a natural treatment approach:

Astaxanthin: neutralizes toxins and relieves joint pain

Probiotics: optimizes gut flora and supports immunity

Grapefruit seed extract: may help treat Borrelia in cyst form

Krill oil: helps in reducing inflammation and relieving Lyme symptoms

Cilantro: a natural chelator for heavy metals

Resveratrol: helps with detoxification and it may treat the common co-infection, Bartonella

Quercetin: reduces histamine, which is usually high in Lyme patients

Whey protein concentrate: may help with nutrition, a common problem in Lyme patients who are unable to eat properly

Andrographis and Artemisinin: herbs that treat the common co-infection, Babesia

Curcumin: helps reduce brain swelling and eliminates neurological toxins

GABA and melatonin: addresses insomnia, which is common in people with Lyme disease

CoQ10: supports cardiac health, alleviates muscle pain and reduces brain fog

Transfer factors: helps boost immune function

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt's Lyme Treatment Strategy

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is one of the top authorities on Lyme disease. He has a Lyme disease protocol that can help you recover from the infection. His website explains the protocol in detail, but here are the basic steps to give you an idea:

1. Evaluate all external factors. These include molds, electromagnetic fields, electrosmog and microwave radiation in connection to wireless technologies.

2. Check and fix external factors. The external factors are checked and fixed after evaluation. Klinghardt advises shielding your home using Y shield (special graphite paint) in order to reduce microwave radiation coming from the outside. Cloth coated with silver is used for curtains. Patients are advised to turn off all fuses at night and eliminate all cordless telephones until they recover from the illness.

3. Deal with emotional issues. Energy psychology tools like psychokinesiology are used to address the emotional components of Lyme.

4. Address parasitic, bacterial and viral infections. Parasites need to be addressed first, followed by bacteria and then viruses. Klinghardt uses an antimicrobial cocktail composed of wormwood, vitamin C, phospholipids and different herbs. Viral infections are addressed with BioPure's Viressence, a tincture of Native American herbs.

5. Address other lifestyle factors. Determine your need for supplementation (antioxidants) to address nutritional deficiencies.


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