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Effective strategies that can help prevent myasthenia gravis

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  • Since autoimmune diseases have no cure, there’s virtually no way to prevent myasthenia gravis from happening
  • Prevention focuses on helping you cope with the symptoms, so that you can maintain a normal quality of life

Since autoimmune diseases have no cure, there’s virtually no way to prevent myasthenia gravis from happening. Instead, prevention focuses on helping you cope with the symptoms, so you can maintain a normal quality of life.

Maintain proper nutrition and a healthy weight

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to preventing myasthenia gravis is maintaining a healthy weight and proper nutrition. Since the disease can cause you to become fatigued more frequently, you’re more likely to gain weight due to inactivity.1

Conquer Myasthenia Gravis, a foundation dedicated to raising awareness and education about the disease, recommends the Mediterranean diet to help maintain weight and keep your body healthy. Its main points are:2

Eating a good mixture of healthy foods Foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as vegetables, fruits (in moderate amounts), nuts, herbs and various spices are central to a Mediterranean diet. Healthy omega-3 fats from fatty fish are important as well. Grass fed meats can be eaten, but in moderation only.

Probiotic foods such as yogurt made from raw, grass fed milk are essential, due to their benefits for your gut health. Drinking plenty of filtered water is also central to the diet.

Socializing with family and friends — Eating meals with your loved ones can help promote a positive mood and environment, which can help reduce stress and contribute to your overall health.

Leading an active lifestyle — Look for ways to become productive to help maintain weight. You can visit a physical therapist to learn exercises that can help with your condition. However, remember to always exercise within your limits to conserve strength.

Investing in assistive devices can help save your strength

Many tools are available to help take the strain away from your muscles, allowing you to preserve your energy for more important tasks. Areas you can work on include:3

Kitchen — You can purchase appliances such as an electric can opener and a food processor to help make meal preparations easier. Changing the size of your food containers to small or medium can help as well when you’re reaching for ingredients. Using strong but lightweight eating utensils can help immensely, too, especially when you’re washing the dishes.

Bathroom — A useful item you can purchase for your bathroom is a shower chair. You can use it to sit down to conserve your energy while washing yourself. In addition, you may modify your shower head to accommodate a flexible hose so you don’t need to move around too much. Finally, you can attach railings next to the shower and the toilet to help support your weight when standing up.

Yourself — There are several items that can help conserve strength while you’re at home, or when you’re outside doing an errand. A walking cane for example, can help support your weight conveniently. If your breathing muscles are affected, your doctor may prescribe you a C-PAP machine to help pump air into your lungs, and it can be used while sleeping as well.

If you’re having trouble with double vision, you may use an eye patch to correct it. Switch the patch to the other side every now and then to prevent eye strain.4

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Reducing stress is important

Experiencing stress may worsen your condition. In light of this, I recommended that you manage your stress through several ways such as meditation or listening to your favorite music. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your doctor as well, as they may point you to the right therapist or method to help control your stress.5

Joining a support group

A support group is a great way to connect with others who have the same condition as yours. You can learn from them, as well as share your experiences with them. Another great reason to join a support group is that you can expand your network of medical professionals.6

If there’s a local support group that you can visit, ask someone to accompany you. If there’s none in your community, you can join an online support group so that you can conveniently interact with other members in the comfort of your own home.

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