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December 3, 2021

The Power to Imprison — Life in Pandemicland
In what clearly appears to be punishment for refusing to be a medical guinea pig, some countries are taking increasingly bolder steps of restricting privileges, rights and freedoms, including locking down healthy people in their homes who are not fully vaccinated. Is the US next in line?

Do COVID Injections Compromise Natural Immunity?
A few alarming studies show that COVID injections may potentially undermine natural immunity.

Popular Infusion Could Increase COVID Hospital Stay
This costly medication is actually increasing hospital days after the manufacturer said its price was determined based on reducing lengths of stays. Consider these strategies so you may not need it.

December 2, 2021

FDA Wants 55 Years to Release COVID Jab Reaction Data
After being sued for failing to respond to a FOIA request, they are now asking a federal judge to allow them to delay the full release of all documents until 2076 - 55 years from now, so they can retract 'sensitive' information. Are they scrambling after being caught red-handed?

Pathologized Totalitarianism 101
The final phase of transformation of society into a pathologized-totalitarian dystopia, where mandatory genetic-therapy injections and digital compliance papers are commonplace, is now officially underway.

The Case Against Processed Vegetable Oils
Virtually all chronic metabolic and degenerative diseases, including age-related macular degeneration, are primarily caused by consuming this. In fact, despite the myths, the biological damage it sets off is even worse than high fructose corn syrup.

December 1, 2021

Will Smallpox Be the Next ‘Lab Leak’?
During a Policy Exchange future pandemics meeting on November 4, 2021, Bill Gates warned about the possibility of a smallpox terror attack, and the day before, the CDC reviewed two presentations featuring a smallpox vaccine called JYNNEOS. Will smallpox be the next 'lab leak' and pandemic?

World Record Holder Has Heart Damaged by Vaccine
Florian Dagoury holds the world record in static breath-hold freediving - 10 minutes and 30 seconds - but his career may be over after his heart was injured by COVID-19 injections.

How Did Carcinogenic Generic Pill Get Past the FDA?
An estimated 80% of all active ingredients in medications are made in China and India. However, US authorities rarely inspect overseas plants. If you or a loved one are taking any of these popular medications for diabetes, high blood pressure or heartburn, be forewarned.