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June 29, 2022

Did Rockefeller Foundation Predict the Future?
It was called 'Reset the Table' and it's all about the upcoming food shortages, including how they plan to wipe out the meat industry in favor of fake foods. Are you prepared? Find out what you must do to survive against the upcoming onslaught.

Statins Increase Diabetes Risk by 38%
Evidence continues to grow that shows the devastating effects of statins on health and longevity. Before taking them, consider the results of these studies.

These 3 Toxins Have the Largest Impact on Your Life Span
Steering clear of these three pervasive toxins could go a long way in helping you protect your cell health, the key determinant of longevity. Finding them can be a challenge, so know where they're hiding and what you can do to avoid them and minimize the damage.

June 28, 2022

Why Big Pharma Is Desperate to Get COVID Jab Into Babies
Why did two-thirds of the babies and young children drop out of Pfizer's trial? And why aren't we hearing about all the other inconvenient 'truths,' such as hospitalizations and severe COVID disease, mostly in the 'vaccinated' group? Don't parents deserve the real facts before risking their child's life?

The Vaccine Rollout Is Directly Related to Disability
Data show a remarkable correlation between the COVID-19 shot rollout and sharply increasing rates of disability among Americans. Are the shots causing previously healthy adults to become permanently disabled?

How to Avoid Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals
You're surrounded by these invisible chemicals linked to obesity, diabetes, reproduction issues, malignancy in women, thyroid problems, and brain and endocrine effects. But you can dramatically reduce your exposure by knowing where they lurk and the simplest ways to avoid them.

June 27, 2022

How Bad Will the Food Shortage Get?
By fall, food shortages and prices will not only increase, but likely become a long-term thing. I don't want you to panic, but you must start preparing now. Here are my recommendations for ensuring a source of power and water, as well as the shelf-stable food items and recipes you'll need.

Why Beets Are Good for the Heart
Beets are rich in a compound your body uses in several functions that affect heart health. This compound is also necessary for optimal brain health and lung efficiency.

Meditation Connects Your Mind and Body
It's been shown to optimize your LDL cholesterol and lower your cortisol and heart rate - making it one of the best ways to slash your heart disease risk. It also helps fight addictions, manage pain, relieve anxiety and improve sleep.

June 26, 2022

2022 Fluoride Action Network Update
Exposure to this deliberately added chemical varies upon where you live, but the damage begins before you're even born, as it lowers IQ and impairs brain development. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has sued the Environmental Protection Agency in an effort to end the water fluoridation policy.

It’s Now Crucial to Understand What We’re Up Against
This disaster is racing toward us like a runaway freight train, and it will be extremely difficult to get out of harm's way. It's absolutely crucial to understand what we're up against and who's responsible because there's no going back to the 'old' normal.

The Surprising Benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy
Could this be a quick, cheap and simple fix for what ails you? It was a eureka moment for the engineer who discovered it. Others have seen varicose veins vanish in 4 weeks, resolve sleep apnea, migraines and a host of other issues. Yet there's a good chance no one you know does it.

June 25, 2022

Staying Healthy in the Age of Tyranny and Deceit
Before the 1900s, fewer than 10 Americans suffered heart attacks in any given year. Today, it's the leading cause of death. Yet sugar isn't the No. 1 cause, it's this (and it's found everywhere) - make sure you don't eat more than 10 grams a day.

Tell the FDA to Get Their #HandsOffOurChildren
The FDA is waging war against the most vulnerable population to help protect one of the most financially secure industries. Here is what parents need to know to protect their children.

How to Eliminate Junk Food Cravings for Good
This is one of the best ways to beat sugar and salt cravings and stop overeating today. It forces your body to switch up how it senses and burns fuel, breaks the bondage set by food manufacturers, and can help you easily normalize your waistline.

June 24, 2022

Latest Shortage Crisis: Tampons
There seems to be no shortage of shortages. First, baby formula. Now, feminine hygiene products - both tampons and pads. Why are they suddenly in short supply? What can you do if you run out? Answers to all these questions and more are right here, including five alternatives to tampons.

A Vibrating Pill for Constipation Goes to the FDA
Chronic constipation is no joke since it is associated with other significant health challenges. A new, consumable, nonbiodegradable device meant to break up constipation may come with added challenges to your health and privacy.

How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Live Healthier, Longer
This has been practiced for millennia. It is known to conquer sugar cravings, reduce cardiovascular and cancer risk, and to help animals live longer. It also promotes brain health. Don't miss out on its multitude of benefits.

June 23, 2022

Virtual Children to Help Combat Overpopulation
According to The Great Reset agenda, overpopulation will be easy to combat because children won't live in this world. Instead, they will only exist virtually through AI in the metaverse, where you'll be able to interact, play and cuddle with 'your' child by just using high-tech wearables.

How Side-Sleeping May Protect Against Alzheimer's
The position you choose to sleep in has an impact on how efficiently your brain can clear toxins and waste products. These lifestyle choices also improve the effectiveness of the system.

EFT Is an Effective Tool for Anxiety
Up to 43% of seniors use meds for anxiety and insomnia. With these remedies you're four times more likely to die early, your risk for cancer rises 35%, and you have a 50% higher risk for dementia. Try this five-minute brain rewiring tool instead.

June 22, 2022

Google Engineer Claims AI Computer Has Become Sentient
This former engineer says the AI LaMDA has thoughts and feelings, much like a 7-year-old child who understands topics like physics. Why is Google so bent on keeping this from the public, despite the potential ramifications?

Mask Mandates Linked to Increased COVID Death Rates
Data show that mask mandates had minimal effect on spreading the virus but increased the overall death rate in those who got sick. Face coverings are also linked to these other health conditions.

What Really Caused the Obesity Epidemic?
It's not about the calories, and never has been. Nor is it about exercise. You can starve yourself, but your body will compensate in its own ways. Author Zoe Harcombe reveals the true secret to end your struggle with slashing pounds. You'll likely struggle forever if you ignore this essential.

June 21, 2022

The Lies Behind Lab-Cultured Fake Meat
At this year's Natural Products Expo West - usually a showcase for all-natural and organic foods - synthetic and cultured 'meat' took center stage, along with slanderous lies about animal welfare, sustainability and climate change to promote The Great Reset's fake food agenda.

Millions Face New Fluoridation Threats
Although government-funded fluoridation studies confirm skyrocketing fluorosis rates, infant neurotoxicity and numerous other side effects, the CDC has announced a new strategy to fluoridate over 19 million Americans, which will also eventually expand to Canadians, Australians and likely others.

Green Tea Linked to Decreased Risk for Dementia
Drinking this healthy beverage each week could offer significant benefits for your brain health.

June 20, 2022

The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
Media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called 'sudden adult death syndrome' - people dying with no sign of illness or underlying health condition. They simply collapse during the day or don't wake up in the morning. While SADS has been known to occur before, what's alarming is the sudden surge of this previously rare event.

Ergothioneine: The Mushroom's Stealth Ingredient
Ergothioneine is a powerful antioxidant found in mushrooms that appears to be a key that links healthy farm soil to healthy people. Here are simple strategies you can use to be a part of protecting our planet.

The Science Is Screaming: Don't Make This Trendy Mistake
Do you still believe this myth about oils that's now been proven false? They said it slashes cardiovascular risk, but human trials conclusively refute it. Instead, it spikes your cancer risk in just five years, and raises your heart disease risk. Why are you still consuming this dangerous oil?

June 19, 2022

The Psychology of Totalitarianism
How did the world fall for the ridiculous models and statistics, and why are they supporting a vaccine that's murdering their loved ones? It's a term known as 'radical blindness' and this is what we must continue doing to break the spell.

We’re Now in the Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover
According to Naomi Wolf, a former adviser to the Clinton administration, there are 10 steps every tyrannical government has followed. We are now at step 10, and once it locks into place, there will be no going back. Find out how you can help keep that from happening.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Is a Powerhouse of Nutrition
A 16-year study of American seniors in their 70s showed that those who ate this food were 27% less likely to die of any cause, 40% less likely to die of coronary heart disease and 48% less likely to die of arrhythmia. But watch out for the mistake that could undo these benefits.

June 18, 2022

FLCCC Treatment Protocol for Vaccine Injured
Many people are suffering - and even dying, but not from COVID. The real emergency now is the jab, as it's creating injuries on a level never seen before with any vaccine. Help has arrived from FLCCC's I-RECOVER protocol for those injured by the COVID shots. Get it here now.

One in Three People Has This Eye Parasite
It can damage your vision, be harmful during pregnancy and may not initially cause symptoms. Take these steps to prevent infection, and greater care if you are pregnant.

What Does Sugar Do to Your Brain?
The overconsumption of this is increasingly being linked to brain-related health issues such as depression, learning disorders, memory problems and overeating. Research suggests consuming this can also trigger reward and craving states in your brain similar to addictive substances. Shouldn't you quit eating it?

June 17, 2022

Are Medical Mistakes the Leading Cause of Death in the US?
This happens to the tune of about 40,000 events every single day, with approximately 250,000 lives lost each year (about 1 in 10 patients), making it the third leading cause of death in the US. Worse, you don't even need to be sick or do anything wrong to become a victim of this astonishing trend.

Tribute to One of Our Top Commenters
We're sharing words of tribute in memoriam of Stanley Becker, a long-time member of the community, whose thousands of comments and conversations left a mark on many in our online community. His steadfast presence and wit will be greatly missed.

Is Your Olive Oil Fake?
Consumption of this product skyrocketed 10-fold in recent decades, but there's a dark side to this health food, and it deserves your undivided attention for the next few minutes. Otherwise you could be doing more harm than good to your health. Get the lowdown on this popular food here.

June 16, 2022

Do Psychiatric Meds and War Games Lead to Mass Shootings?
Whenever one of these horrendous events occur, there always seems to be a knee-jerk response - and lots of finger pointing, blaming guns or mental health. Hardly anyone wants to talk about the elephant in the room - the real issue, but it's there and growing bigger the longer we ignore it.

The Vaccine Stockpile Is Headed to the Dump
Hundreds of millions of COVID-19 doses, stockpiled by governments during the pandemic, have gone to waste, essentially flushing billions of dollars of federal funds down the toilet. The world is also grappling with a massive volume of waste from unused pandemic PPE and discarded masks, putting a significant strain on the environment.

Artificial Sweetener ‘Fad’ Additives: Worse Than Sugar?
Adding these sounds great in theory, but don't fall for it. While they add a bit, it subtracts hugely from your health and could even trigger an impending health disaster. It also invites obesity, diabetes, metabolic and gut dysfunction, even heart attack and stroke. Is it worth the risk?

June 15, 2022

Study Shows Pharmaceutical Ads Make People Want Prescriptions
These ads are illegal in most countries but not in the US, where 27% of people spoke to their doctor about a medical treatment after they learned about it from an ad. Do you actually believe it's there to help you?

Genetically Engineered Hens Made to Kill Their Own Chicks
In an effort to stop the barbaric culling of male chicks, scientists plan to create GE hens that pass on lethal genes to their male offspring, killing them before they hatch. But the biotechnology raises equally disturbing ethical and safety issues.

Being Dehydrated Can Make You Tired, Grumpy and Sick
Are you drinking enough water? If not, your body could be crying out from thirst in the form of fatigue, irritability, bad breath and more. Even mild dehydration can cause physical consequences in your body, leaving you less-than-optimally healthy.

June 14, 2022

The Top 10 Scariest Things to Come Out of the WEF
Forget about owning anything in the future - including your own thoughts. From plans of electronic pills to smartphones implanted inside your body, the World Economic Forum isn't hiding their agenda. The mainstream media just haven't picked up on it - yet. Be prepared to be astounded.

FDA Making COVID Vax Decision Based on a Study of 10
The FDA announced they were reviewing data for a COVID vaccine for children ages 6 months to under 5 years. But the data are based on just 10 children.

Nutrients and Supplements That Can Improve Your Sleep Quality
Comparisons of brain regions studying neurons in the diencephalon and brainstem nuclei suggest this could improve your sleep quality - especially if you get your levels above 60. Also be aware that low levels of this might be the cause if your sleep is constantly interrupted.

June 13, 2022

Preparing for the Reality of Financial Collapse
How about rapidly rising inflation? Is it all the result of mere incompetence, or intentional malevolence? Here's how to prepare and turn the tables on the tyrants waging a vicious war against you.

The Countless Health Benefits of Curcumin
Curcumin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory found in turmeric. It has demonstrated properties to help pain control, cancer therapy, wound healing and mood disorders.

Understanding Your Liver Health
Your liver performs nearly 500 functions, including regulation of your cholesterol levels and purifying your blood. A few simple lab values offer insight into your liver health, and several lifestyle changes may improve your liver function.

June 12, 2022

It’s Now Crucial to Understand What We’re Up Against
This disaster is racing toward us like a runaway freight train, and it will be extremely difficult to get out of harm's way. It's absolutely crucial to understand what we're up against and who's responsible because there's no going back to the 'old' normal.

Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology
With 100 years of continuous use and backed by 250 randomized studies, it is the most studied integrative oncology therapy in the world - and utilized in upward of 60% to 80% of patients in Europe. Why is there so much resistance in the United States?

Fermented Foods May Be a Key Component of an Anticancer Menu
If you haven't yet discovered these foods, you may be missing out on one of the best-kept secrets for inhibiting certain types of malignancies. One of the ways they work is by creating a short-chain fatty acid that turns on the programmed cell death of specific colon cells.

June 11, 2022

Are You Prepared for the Coming Food Catastrophe?
Analysts and experts are warning of skyrocketing food prices and catastrophic food shortages of the likes we've never seen before. The UN chief has even issued a bleak warning of years of famine. What can you do now to help prepare? Plan for the worst and take these steps today.

Do You Know the Difference Between Salt and Sodium?
Although the terms are often used interchangeably, salt and sodium are not the same things. It's crucial to understand the difference, and to learn how to use sodium to take control of your health.

Sleep Like a Baby and Slash Stress, Anxiety and Depression
It's like giving your immune, metabolism, central nervous and hormonal systems a much-needed tune up. But you'll also love the additional benefits it offers. This ancient rejuvenator can help you get a good night's sleep and it has anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties.

June 10, 2022

NY Times Runs Another Hit Piece on Dr. Mercola
They claim my motive is profit. But how does removing access to primary forms of communication with the outside world result in greater profits? My only real motive for what they call 'disinformation' is to expose the real crooks who are committed to lies, fraud and intentionally killing people for profit.

Many Pathologists Agree Skin Cancer Is Overdiagnosed
Specialized pathologists agree that certain types of skin growths are overdiagnosed. Some experts recommend sunscreen or avoiding the sun, yet exposure is necessary for optimal health. Here's how to protect your skin.

Resistance — Not All Germs Are Created Equal
It used to be the best life-saving treatment in medicine. But no more. Just look at what happened to this Nevada woman. People are going to the grave over this. And truth be told, you could be next - if things don't change and you don't take these six steps to protect yourself today.

June 9, 2022

Scientism, Not Science, Rules the Roost
It's been branded into your brain hundreds of times over the past two years, but the problem with this statement is it's not science, it's religion - and these studies about lockdowns, infection rates and COVID deaths prove 'the gatekeepers of medical priesthood' are wrong.

Science-Backed Ways to Improve Your Mood
If you're feeling down, engaging in specific purposeful movements can make you feel happier. Research also reveals other simple methods to boost your mood, like spending time in nature and connecting with happy people around you.

Research Confirms Statins Are a Colossal Waste of Money
We've spent a trillion dollars on these, but if you're taking them in hopes of saving your life by reducing your cholesterol count, it's just money wasted. Also, advice to avoid this food you've been told will kill you is a big lie.

June 8, 2022

WHO and WEF Globalists Coordinate Their Global ‘Reset’
Just because they're famous and wear pinstripe suits doesn't mean they're not an international body of criminals with a complex and ruthless behavioral code. They want to 'hack' you and control life itself - and COVID was their Trojan horse.

Toxic To-Go Containers Linked to Liver Disease
Harmful 'forever' chemicals used in fast food packaging may be a significant contributor to liver disease, including nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is rising at an alarming rate in the US.

Accumulating Body Flab as You Age? Help Stop It With This
As leptin resistance creeps up on you, you end up eating more. Leptin resistance is a hallmark of those with diabetes and many with high blood pressure or high cholesterol. This green food may play a powerful helping role.

June 7, 2022

The Death of the Ministry of Truth — What Will They Do Next?
We're living in an upside-down reality, where up is down and left is right, and truth tellers are lying and liars are telling the truth. But now, pants are on fire as the Biden administration's Ministry of Truth has been put on hold, and its 'anti-disinformation expert' chief, Nina Jankowicz, has resigned.

Monkeypox Mania
Lock yourselves down inside your homes! Break out the masks and face-shields! Switch off what's left of your critical faculties and prepare yourselves to 'follow the Science!'

'Toxic Legacy' — How Glyphosate Destroys Your Health
Estimates suggest every man, woman and child now consumes 1 pound of it each year. Not only does it impact your gut and autoimmunity, but it impairs collagen, wrecks your vascular system and is also responsible for soaring rates of autism and celiac disease.

June 6, 2022

The War Against the Unvaxxed Will Not Be Forgotten
First, the COVID jab zealots blamed the unvaccinated for the continuing COVID pandemic - and, despite science, some still hold tight to that belief. As the newest hyped threat, monkeypox, emerges, will the gay community become the designated enemy and target for revenge?

Can Ginseng Help Curb Diabetes?
Natural herbs like ginseng contain powerful ginsenosides, also known as saponins or triterpenoids, which exert antidiabetic properties, helping to improve the function of pancreatic beta cells, which produce, store and release insulin, enhance insulin sensitivity and more.

AHA Renders Itself Obsolete With Long-Refuted Dietary Advice
It's the ultimate betrayal, akin to the flat earth theory that inexplicably gained traction in the 21st century despite clear and indisputable proof of the opposite. See how the American Heart Association is using selective interpretation of the evidence to pull the wool over your eyes.

June 5, 2022

We’re Now in the Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover
According to Naomi Wolf, a former adviser to the Clinton administration, there are 10 steps every tyrannical government has followed. We are now at step 10, and once it locks into place, there will be no going back. Find out how you can help keep that from happening.

How to Prevent and Treat COVID Jab Injuries
It requires a holistic approach, because there are five toxic components that go everywhere, particularly to your area of weakness. These two spike protein-binding therapies are at the heart of the treatment, together with these six fibrinolytic enzymes.

Why Managing Your Iron Level Is Crucial to Your Health
Most men and postmenopausal women have elevated levels of this, which can make them a target for cancer and heart disease. I encourage you to be screened annually, as it is much easier to deal with a slight increase than a major one.

June 4, 2022

Benefits of Sunshine on Your Bare Skin
Nearly everyone knows that sun exposure raises vitamin D levels in your body, but how many of these other profoundly important benefits are you aware of? After reading this, I can almost guarantee you'll want to head for the nearest door, but before you do, make sure you build up your solar callus.

Why Is Switzerland the Headquarters of Emperors?
Switzerland offers a haven for billionaires looking to stash their money anonymously. While it maintains a neutral status, it clearly caters to the elite class.

100% of Oat Products Tested Positive for Glyphosate
If you eat oat-based cereal, you're probably consuming glyphosate residue with every bite, as testing revealed the pervasive chemical in every sample tested. Glyphosate, in addition to being a probable carcinogen, is linked to pregnancy risks, including shortened pregnancy lengths.

June 3, 2022

Is There a Way Out of the Russia-Ukraine War?
There's never been a bigger WALL of propaganda in the Western world anytime in my lifetime, and Putin is now in the firing line. Yet, according to this award-winning film director who interviewed him, the picture is very different to what the media want you to believe.

Rockefeller Medicine: A Poisonous Illusion?
The 1910 Flexner Report laid the foundation of the modern medicine as we know it. Post-COVID, the principles of the so called 'Rockefeller medicine' were taken to the extreme.

Do You Know Your Blood Pressure? Your Brain Depends on It
About 116 million people in this country alone (nearly half of all adults) have high blood pressure, and it's uncontrolled in 46% of them. According to this research, if you're in these groups, it may be bad news for your brain. Find out how to get it under control now.

June 2, 2022

Fake Meat, Fake Breastmilk and Food Shortages
Why aren't other countries experiencing a shortage of infant formula? Is the blockage of European formulas intentional so you can't compare their healthier formulas to the sugar-laden US formulas - or is it because it might take away sales of Bill Gates' fake cell-cultured 'human milk'?

CDC Tracked Americans' Cell Phones During Lockdowns
The CDC spent taxpayer money to track you during lockdowns and vaccine campaigns, focusing on schools, churches and pharmacies. You are being tracked every day without your knowledge.

What You Need to Know Before Getting an Implant or Hip Device
If you're looking at getting an implant, artificial spine disk, insulin pump, hip replacement or bone graft device, do your homework first: Faulty device implants can turn your life upside-down.

June 1, 2022

The Great Reset Snakes Are Slithering Together in Davos
According to this elite group, only a top-down governance that controls all the wealth and goods can ensure a fair distribution of dwindling resources, including energy and food. But how equitable will it really be when they view the masses as 'useless' and a threat to their luxurious lifestyle?

Antibiotics Linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Taking antibiotics significantly increases the risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and the risk increases with additional doses. The link may explain the mysterious rise in IBD among older adults.

A Natural Way to Help Halt Disease-Causing Microorganisms?
Your gut and brain are linked. The state of your gut plays an important role in your neurological health. Studies show this may help protect against cognitive decline and ward off dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.