H Pylori May Cause Vitamin B12 Deficiency And Pernicious Anemia

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May 14, 2000 | 49,240 views

Pernicious anemia is a very serious disorder, whichcan cause irreversible damage, resulting from a deficiency of vitaminB12. This study detected H. pylori in 56% of 138 patients with perniciousanemia. Upon treatment and eradication of the H. pylori infection, therewas significant improvement of B12 status in 40% of the infected patients.The authors conclude that H. Pylori is a causative factor in many casesof B12 deficiency and that detection and eradication of it may correctthe deficiency.

Arch Intern Med. 2000;160:1349-1353

The B12 deficiency may be caused by H. Pylori if the bacteria damages the parietal cells which produce intrinsic factor which is required to absorb B12. One of the best ways to rid one of an H. Pylori infection is to follow the diet plan that I advocate. Drinking enough water is particularly helpful, along with taking an potent and effective probiotic (beneficial bacteria) supplement.


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