Blood Pressure Treatment Usually Fails

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May 28, 2000 | 22,639 views

More than 43 million Americans have high bloodpressure (hypertension), but less than one third of them have achievedtargeted levels of blood pressure. Even among the 23.4 million whotake antihypertensive medications, only 42.9% of these patientsactually get their blood pressure down to acceptable levels. Thisfailure to adequately treat high blood pressure could cost $1 billionin excess health costs due to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, kidneyfailure and other illnesses, according to the study.

Meetingof the American Society of Hypertension May 2000

Unfortunately, the authors of the study only recommend thatblood pressure be treated more aggressively using standard medications.Nothing is said concerning diet, exercise, stress reduction, orany natural supplements to help reduce blood pressure. Lifestyleis very influential on blood pressure, and the first place to startis by modifying your diet as I describe in my TotalHealth Program. Cardiovascularexercise is also extremely important.

Also, several supplements, includingvitamin C and magnesium, might be of additional benefit.

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