Most Cancer is Due to Environment

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July 16, 2000 | 36,791 views

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According to the results of a new study, performed using twins, genes play a relatively small role in the development of most types of cancer. According to researchers, genes accounted for less than half of the risk of several types of cancer, with the rest of the risk explained by environmental factors, such as smoking, diet, infections and exposure to chemicals and radiation.

Twins are often used to study genetics, since identical twins have all the same genes, while fraternal twins usually share about half the same genes.

Researchers state that genes probably explain 27% to 42% of the risk of colorectal cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

"We conclude that the overwhelming contributor to the causation of cancer in the populations of twins that we studied was the environment," the authors write.

The New England Journal of Medicine 2000;343:78-85,135-136.

One of the main dangers of the human genome project, at least as I perceive it, is fostering of the concept that we have little control over our future health, as we are "destined" to follow the path of our genes. The genes are nothing more than dumb file cabinets and they are activated or suppressed largely as a result of our environmental exposures.

Yes, this new technology will provide some helpful and exciting breakthroughs, but the biggest breakthroughs, as this article suggests, are not in gene manipulation, but in manipulation of our internal environment through resolution of our previous psychoemotional stresses, getting right with God, and providing an optimum nutritional, biochemical and structural foundation that allows the God-given healing mechanisms that all of us are supplied with to be activated and implemented to facilitate health transformation.

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