Vitamins C and E Lower Blood Pressure

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August 06, 2000 | 30,513 views

According to results ofa recent study, rats that consumed foods with free radicals -- compoundsthat are linked to heart disease and other chronic illnesses --had lower levels of nitric oxide and higher blood pressure.

However, adding vitamins C and E to the rats'diet appeared to partially reverse this degenerative process, resultingin lower blood pressure levels. Vitamins C and E are antioxidants,compounds that neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. Recent studieshave shown that antioxidants may help to reduce high blood pressure(hypertension), possibly by protecting the body's supply of nitricoxide, a molecule that relaxes blood vessels.

Antioxidants are powerful regulators of bloodpressure and studies show that multiple types of antioxidants foundin a diet heavy in fruit and vegetables, could help mitigate highblood pressure.

" We thought that the presence of oxidativestress, or higher levels of free radicals known to inactivate nitricoxide, may increase blood pressure," said one researcher. "Ifthis was the case, lowering levels of free radicals by giving antioxidantsshould improve nitric oxide availability and reduce blood pressure,"he explained.

To test this theory, the investigators artificiallylowered levels of a natural antioxidant chemical, glutathione, toproduce oxidative stress in rats. As a result, levels of nitricoxide decreased and blood pressure went up.

But the addition of vitamins C and E to therats' diet alleviated the degenerative process and led to higherlevels of nitric oxide and a partial reduction in blood pressure.

"This shows us that although hypertensionis a highly complex disorder that can arise from a number of causes,nitric oxide and oxidative stress play a major role in regulatingblood pressure," researchers said.

HypertensionJuly 2000;36:1-5

It is hard to understand why traditional medicine is so reluctant to wholeheartedly embrace simple, inexpensive, non-toxic supplements to enhance the treatment of high blood pressure.

It should be perfectly clear to everyone that these nutrients are not the cure for high blood pressure, but they will provide some protection while one addresses the main causes of the problem.

Typically, optimizing your diet is the most effective route. Cardiovascular exercise and tools like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which helps negate the effects of stress on one's life, are also important.

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