Probiotics: This Beneficial Bacteria Heals Intestines

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August 13, 2000 | 22,901 views

High doses of probiotics, the beneficial bacteria that naturally lives in the intestinal tract, help control pouchitis, an inflammation of the small intestine common in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, a new study reports. To summarize:

The researchers state that long-term use of the probiotics is safe. "Because it is a more natural therapy that enhances the body's normal protective factors, it has no side effects and can be administered for years."

Gastroenterology August 2000;119:305-309


I am not a big fan of nutritional supplementation the way it is currently practiced by most natural medicine clinicians. They tend to use vitamins, minerals and herbs as replacements for drugs. Certainly targeted nutritional interventions are safer and a far better choice than drugs in nearly every case. However, unless one is actively addressing the CAUSE of the problem they will likely require the supplements long-term.

Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) seem to be an exception. It is the ONLY supplement I recommend for ALL new patients (unless of course they are already on one). I don't believe that they need to stay on it the rest of their life, but 1-3 months is usually beneficial until they are able to get their diet improved.

Probiotics are incredible healing agents and they seem to work to resolve most cases of acute infectious diarrhea relatively quickly. I normally advise people to take a dose every 30-60 minutes until the diarrhea resolves. It is quite amazing how consistently effective this recommendation is.  Check out my recommendation for high quality probiotics now.

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