How Your Gall Bladder Works

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February 13, 2002 | 207,680 views

How Your Gall Bladder Works

The gall bladder is a hollow inactive organ supplying bile to the digestive tract that is mainly used to emulsify fats and oils. According to some natural health experts, the gall bladder can be damaged by

These same writers say the gall bladder can be protected by:

According to these writers, gall bladder problems are often found in people who are

When the liver is constantly stagnant, sediment often settles out of the bile and forms accumulations that resemble stones, sand or mud in the gall bladder.
Symptoms of sediment in the gall bladder:

Gradual Gall Bladder Cleanse

This cleanse takes 21 days and is slower and gentler on the body. This is the one often recommended for those unsure of how much sediment or stones they may have. Cleansing two or three times a year ensures a healthy gall bladder.

During the cleanse, avoid all foods high in fat, meats, dairy, eggs. Eat unrefined grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes to help clear the gallbladder.

These foods hasten gallstone removal:

Radish also remove stones, so, for the entire 21 days eat 1-2 radishes a day between meals and drink three cups of cleavers tea or five cups of chamomile tea a day.

For every 160 pounds of body weight use five teaspoons of cold-pressed flax seed oil. Pour the flax oil over your food during one meal of the day or divide into half and use on two meals. Take the flax oil six days a week for two months.

Chet Day January 29, 2002

I addressed this issue in a previous posting several years ago,but thought it was worth reposting as so many people have unnecessarysurgery to have their gallbladder removed. In my experience, morethan half the time the gallbladder is taken out, the patient's painthat prompted the surgery still remains.

This is because the surgeon never fixed the problem. They onlytreated the symptom. This makes about as much sense as putting apiece of tape over the idiot light that would come on in your dashboardif your engine oil pressure is low. This would clearly solve theproblem, the light would not bother you anymore, but you would belooking at expensive engine repairs if you failed to treat the causeof the light being on.

If you have abdominal pain that is immediately below your lastrib on your right side and lined up with your right nipple, especiallyif your press down in that spot, there is a good chance that youhave a gallbladder problem.

The first step is to immediately follow the eatingplan. Regular exercise has been consistently associated witha decrease in gallbladder problems.

If the pain persists the article above provides a far simplerless expensive option prior to surgery.

I believe it is nearly criminal what traditional medicine isdoing to the public when it comes to managing this problem. It isRARELY ever necessary to remove someone's gallbladder. If one ignoreswarning symptoms and does not address the reasons why their gallbladderis not functioning properly, than the disease can progress to thepoint where the pancreas is inflamed or the gallbladder is seriouslyinfected and may have to be removed to save a person's life.

However, it is important to have a proper perspective here.Nearly ONE MILLION gallbladdersare removed every year in this country and it is my estimate thatonly several thousand need to come out.

So, not only are surgeons removing these organs unnecessarily,but also in their nutritional ignorance they are telling patientsthat their gallbladders do not serve any purpose and they can liveperfectly well without them.

This is a lie.

The gallbladder serves an important digestive function. It isrequired to emulsify fats. What is emulsification? One can easilyunderstand this concept when washing greasy dishes. It is nearlyimpossible to properly clean greasy dishes without soap as the soapemulsifies the fat so it can be removed.

Similarly, the gallbladder stores bile and bile acids, whichemulsify the fat one eats so it can be properly transported throughthe intestine into the blood stream.

Anyone who has had their gallbladder removed will need to takesome form of bile salts with every meal for the rest of their life(I use and recommend Beta Plus from Biotics Research), if they wishto prevent a good percentage of the good fats they eat from beingflushed down the toilet.

If one does not have enough fats in the diet, their entire physiologywill be disrupted, especially the ability to make hormones and prostaglandins.

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