More on Hydrogen Peroxide for the Cold and Flu

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March 27, 2002 | 139,902 views


Last November I initiallyposted this information, and then pulled it after it was on the site fora few hours as I had reason to believe the source was flawed. I replacedthe article with another related one.

I recently re-postedthisarticle which you can review for the original peroxide article.

Others have written in toshare their positive experiences with this inexpensive and practical solutionfor a common problem that many face.

However, I continue to maintainthat it Is far more effective to be proactive and not get colds in thefirst place. It seems the major reasons why one gets them to begin withare:

So clearly the first approachis be careful and avoid food choices that will sabotage yourhealth. If you are stressed please consider EFT,which is an amazingly effective tool to address the foundationaland core reasons as to how the stress is impairing your immunesystem.

If, for whatever reason,you have come down with a cold my personal recommendation would be touse zinc lozenges. I have been using zinc in my practice for over 15 years,far before it was popular.

When using zinc lozengesit is important to recognize that they need to be sucked on, NOT swallowed,and smaller doses more frequently seem to work better. I usually advisepatients to suck on a quarter lozenge every 30 minutes. If started early,this approach seems to work well for the clear majority of patients.

Two cautions should be heededthough; if the lozenges make one nauseous they should be stopped immediatelyas that is a sign of zinc toxicity. If you follow this guideline and listento your body you will avoid the copper imbalance referenced in the study.

I too was one of the ones thatcaught your original post on the subject of peroxide in the ears and thenwent back to review it only to find it had been changed. I am so gladthat you have restored the information.

Now for my story that happened within two days after I read your originalletter.

I went to the ENT specialist all the time and they were always givingme hearing tests. The last test the nurse remarked that my hearing wasmore diminished then ever because the Eustachian tube was so blocked.They wanted to give me the usual antibiotics and other stuff (which neverworked anyway) and I just took the scripts like a good girl and went myway -- rather disgusted with the whole scenario.

I came home and applied the peroxide in a laying down position. I didn'thear any bubbling -- that's because the tube was just about totally blockedand the liquid wasn't even going down into the right place.

After a few minutes I felta little trickle and heard a little something that sounded like bubbling.On the next application...the process didn't take so many minutes buton the third application the liquid went swooshing down into my ear theminute I squeezed the drops in.

I shook a quick shake whenthe peroxide hit the bottom of the canal. I heard a lot of bubbling. Thatday I started to hear again especially in my right ear and the pressurein my head left. I felt balanced as if the Eustachian tube had opened.I heard things in stereo instead of just from my left ear. I was ecstatic!

I thank you from the bottomof my heart.

I have lots of bottles of peroxide in my medicine cabinet now. What awonderful natural remedy.

It's interesting that the experts at the specialist office failed to seethe problem or offer correcting solutions. They even wanted me to takepowerful drugs that work systemically when all I really needed was somethingyou might call topical or local.

I hope that people will give serious consideration to this remedy, becauseit really, really works.

Best wishes

My Wife and Daughter and Ihave been using Hydrogen Peroxide for colds for three years. The majorityof times it aborts the cold. The few other instances, it substantiallyreduced the length and severity of the symptoms. We don't get the flu,so can't comment. We haven't used antibiotics in years.

Thanks so much for your newsletter, it's great!

Russell Olsen

I have used peroxide mixedwith some fresh garlic juice in one of my children's ears. My six yearold son recently had ear pain that got so bad the he was screaming andcrying. Shortly after putting a few drops of the peroxide and garlic inhis ears he began to get some relief and could sleep! Then my eight year-olddaughter popped up with ear pain, and she instantly got relief from thedrops.

Heidi Irby

This is a very old remedy,my mother told me that, it was used in British India with great successand caused quite a racket. To debunk it, the mainstream came up with ascare tactic claiming the peroxide would drive the infection into thebrain.

Imagine! Well it worked andpeople got scared and eventually stopped using it.

I can vouch for Wendy Fyfe'sexperience mentioned on your web page. For the last 2 years, my familyand I have been using the commonly available 3% Hydrogen peroxide to curethe common cold and flu.

Nothing is as effective!

Every time we traveled to Indiawe came down with very painful strep throat, gargling with Hydrogen peroxidefrequently always cured strep throat in a matter of hours, however, when usedin the ears it's even a bigger miracle and simply prevented these strepthroat episodes!

Its great for ear infectionsparticularly in children even if the ear is slightly perforated.

It is also the best earwaxcleaner, and is safe to boot, unlike less effective petroleum based, plusgod knows what else, over the counter and prescription based remedies.

The only things to watch outare:

Speaking form personal experienceone should never travel without it (H2O2). A convenient way to dispenseit is via a small dropper bottle this save all the fuss and muss of adropper.

Vitamin C is also useful asexplained by Dr. Linus Pauling in his last interview:

"There is no doubt nowthat vitamin C in large doses has value against the common cold. My recommendationis not 1 gram a day, or 2 grams a day of vitamin C but at the first signof a cold, take a gram of vitamin C or 2 grams and then an hour later,if the symptoms still exist - if you're still sneezing, or your nose isrunning or feel shivery, take another 1 or 2 grams of vitamin C. Keepdoing that until you forget because the symptoms have gone away and thiswill stop a cold in almost every person who follows the regimen."Full interview is at:

Chris Gupta

Dear Dr. Mercola

I read about your peroxidetherapy via ears for colds, flu, etc. and have tried it for about 5 daysand am amazed and thrilled. My constant allergy/asthma symptoms of nasaldrainage and scratchy sore throat, swollen glands, and low-grade infection-likesymptoms have cleared up almost overnight!!!

My doctor has prescribed ashoe-box full of Azmacort, Serevent, Flovent, Guiatussin, Albuterol, Claritin(a real waste of time and money), Singulair, Flumadine, Prednisone, Guiafed,and Rhinocort. Really nothing was working except the prednisone, and notvery well at that. Plus I am concerned about taking prednisone with myosteopenia.

I look forward to my emancipationcelebration by dumping the contents and recycling all of the cardboardand plastic packaging.

Thank you again.

Cathy Flammer

Thanksso much for the peroxide cure. When I read it, I figured it was just onemore hoax, but I wrote it down somewhere and promptly forgot about it.

The second time you postedit, I decided it must be worth remembering so I wrote it down again. Acouple of days later I came down with the flu. I was at work, and startedfeeling achey all over, and blowing up buckets of snot, feverish, ect.I was going on vacation to Branson MO for a long weekend and I just knewI was not gonna get to go. I decided to try the peroxide "cure".

I asked our company nurse forsome peroxide and a couple of swabs. I went to the bathroom and pouredit into each ear in turn and let it bubble a couple of minutes, dumpedit out and swabbed out my ears (gently of course). In a few minutes 90%of my symptoms were gone. I could not believe it!!!

I started to feel bad againthat nite, so, I did the peroxide again and no more flu!!
Ive told alot of people since then, I wish I had known this years ago,cause I have a cold and the flu every year at least once.

Thanx again Dr. You are oneof the few doctors that really has a grip on how medical treatments shouldbe. Also thanx for the cookbook, Im just starting to experiment with someof the recipes.

Janet Turner, Nashville TN USA