Visual Evidence of the Power of Prayer, Gratitude and Appreciation

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May 08, 2002 | 75,853 views

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a visionaryresearcher from Japan received certification from the Open InternationalUniversity as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently hewas introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US andMagnetic Resonance Analysis technology. The quest thus began todiscover the mystery of water.

Continuing in this streamof awareness, Dr Emoto began to study the impact of altering waterby various factors of vibration and consciousness. He studied waterthat had been altered by music - healing music, classical music,heavy metal music - and so forth.

And the crystalline picturesreveal how water responds to these influences ... into complex arrangementsof crystalline beauty. This begins to reveal that water is alive- it is conscious and responds to applied force by a rearrangementof its inner crystalline properties.

Inspired by these revelations,he decided to study the impact of human consciousness on water andits crystalline order.

Through repeatable experimentsDr. Emoto demonstrated that human thoughts and emotions can alterthe molecular structure of water. Now, for the first time, thereis physical evidence that the power of our thoughts can change theworld within and around us.

He found that water thathad been consciously altered by the simple imprinting of a wordof intent upon the water would change. Water that was imprintedby love, gratitude, and appreciation, responded by the developmentof complex beauty, and water that was mistreated by negative intentionsbecame disordered and lost its magnificent patterning. In fact,it often took on grotesque forms of resonance.

He experimented firstwith water from a pure source in Japan. The picture revealed a beautifulcrystalline form. (Photo 1) He then did the same thing with waterfrom a nearby polluted river. The result was a muddy, smeared patternwith very little structure. (Photo 2) He then asked a priest froma temple to offer a prayer to the polluted water sample and repeatedthe experiment out of curiosity. To his surprise, another beautifulcrystalline structure appeared. (Photo 3)

This experiment was repeatedmany times over with the same result. The researcher then exposedwater samples to different types of music. Classical music alwaysreflected beautiful patterns, (photo 4) whereas heavy metal or rockand roll created distorted, formless, smudged images, (photo 5)as if these types of music had destroyed the delicate equilibriumof the molecules.

He continued experimenting,this time by writing words on pieces of paper and taping them toa clear glass container to see if anything happened.

He tried using positivewords like "Love" and "Thank you" (photo 6)and every time noticed a beautiful and delicate crystalline pattern.He tried "YouMake Me Sick. I Will Kill You" (photo 7) and each time observeddistorted, frightening, muddied patterns. Heeven experimented with names like "Gandhi" "MotherTeresa" (photo 8) and "Hitler" (photo 9) and thesame kind of results occurred.

After much experimentation,Dr. Emoto discovered that the most powerful combination of thoughtsin terms of capacity to transform was that of "Love and Gratitude."(Photo 10)

What makes this discoveryso amazing is that we live on a planet covered by more water thanlandmass, and that the human body is largely composed of water.So if we have the power to change the structure of the medium weare made of by simply producing positive though patterns, we canrestore not only our own health but that of everyone around us,and even the planet itself, with our every thought.

Think about what givingthanks and praying before a meal can do to your health. I used tobelieve that it was a good way to stop the mental business of theday and put myself into a more receptive space. Now I know thateven the food I am about to eat will also be transformed.

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TheSpirit of Maat

Unfortunately wedon't really have any great tools to measure it. Prior to this theonly physical evidence of this type of energy was Kirlian photography.

Dr. Emoto's work providesquite a powerful testimony to the real influence our consciousnesscan have on the physical universe.


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