How Do You Know If You Are Taking Too Much Fish Oil or Omega-3 Fats?

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June 26, 2002 | 28,488 views

Omega-3 deficiencies have been tied to the following problems:

Mental sharpness on awakening Quality of sleep
Depression/Well-being Memory problems
Weight gain Dry Hair
Brittle fingernails Dry skin
Allergies Concentration
Arthritis Fatigue

If you are sick the normal dose of fish oil is one 1,000 mg capsule with 300 mg of EPA/DHA for every ten pounds of body weight.

One teaspoon of cod liver oil is equal to about 3 and one half capsules and there are three teaspoons in one tablespoon so one tablespoon would equal about 10 capsules.

This dose can be reduced if you are healthy and if you are in a summer climate with warmth and sun exposure.

If you start the fish oil and notice that one or more of the above symptoms improve that is a very good sign.

If after a time on the fish oil your symptoms return for no apparent reason, that is a good clue that you are taking too much fish oil and should stop for a short while to help your body eliminate the oil and then resume at a lower dose.

Unlike vitamins and minerals whose intake is usually relatively constant, the amounts of essential fatty intake is quite variable so following the above will help fine tune your dose so you can fully benefit from the true miracle health benefits that fish oils provide.

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