Cell Phones 'May Trigger Alzheimer's Disease'

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February 22, 2003 | 31,764 views

Radiation from mobile phone handsets damages areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and movement and may trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

The study, which was carried out on rats, adds to the long-time controversy over mobile phone safety.

Rats aged between 12 and 26 weeks, whose brains are thought to be in the same developmental stage as teenagers, were exposed to two hours of radiation equal to that emitted by mobile phones.

Upon examination 50 days later, researchers found an abundance of dead brain cells in rats that had been exposed to medium and high levels of radiation.

A rat’s brain is similar to a human brain--they have the same blood-brain barrier and neurons--leading researchers to suggest that similar effects would also occur in humans.

They also hypothesized that in people whose neurons are prone to Alzheimer’s disease, radiation from mobile phones may trigger the disease earlier in life. However, evidence of this has not yet been found.

The results indicate that long-term mobile phone use may have negative health consequences, however repeated studies are needed to verify these findings.

BBC News February 5, 2003

I purchased my first cell phone in over a decade for Christmas, but I only use it with a headset. There is no way I am going to expose my brain to the radiation in the phone.

Fortunately, the radiation decreases quite dramatically (exponentially) the further the phone is from the body (one over the square root of the distance between your body and the phone). When you use a headset make sure the entire phone is away from your body, as wearing the phone on your belt will cause the radiation to go into your abdomen.

While radiating your abdominal organs is far safer than radiating your brain, ideally both should be spared the grief.

However as I mentioned in the last issue, cell phones can potentially have a deadly impact on you. They dramatically increase your risk of having an accident by up to 400 percent--if you are young and healthy this may be your highest risk of death.

So please take this warning to heart--seek to avoid using your cell phone while driving. As studies have shown, a headset won’t help while you are driving. The problem is that you can’t adequately do two things at once. The attention you divert to your cell phone call will be taken away from your ability to concentrate on the road.

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