Safety Concerns Surround the Latest Statin, Crestor

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August 27, 2003 | 20,397 views

A new cholesterol-lowering statin drug, Crestor, will soonbe hitting the market, joining its highly successful competitorsLipitor and Zocor. In 2002, statin drugs brought in $13 billionin sales. At least 12 million U.S. adults take cholesterol-loweringdrugs.

Crestor, known generically as rosuvastatin, is manufacturedby AstraZeneca. The drug may be slightly better than otherstatins at raising good cholesterol levels and may also bemore powerful than the other statin drugs.

However, the highest, 80-milligram dose of Crestor couldnot be approved because of serious side effects includingmuscle and kidney damage. Some say the drug may produce sideeffects even at lower doses, and caution that patients shouldbe closely monitored when on the drug.

All statin drugs can cause an increase in liver enzymes sopatients must be monitored for normal liver function. Statinscan also cause muscle aches, weakness and, rarely, a dangerousdegenerative muscle tissue condition called rhabdomyolysis.

WashingtonPost August 12, 2003; Page HE01

The statin drugs used to lower cholesterol are the mostwidely used drugs in the country. If you were to believe the"experts," halfof Americans should be placed on these statin drugs.

You may also think cholesterol is an evil substance andthat most of us would benefit from lowering our cholesterolas much as possible, but this is not so.

Cholesterol is a vitallyimportant substance that is responsible for building our cellmembranes and many of our hormones. If the level drops toolow we are actually at increased risk for depression.

If you aren't familiar with the dangers and inappropriatenessof statin drugs then you should review my article on thetruth about cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Drugs are rarely the solution for high cholesterol. Wellover 99 percent of people can normalize their cholesterollevels by restricting grains and sugars. There are only ahandful of people with genetic issues who require statin drugs,and their cholesterol levels are typically 350 or higher.

In addition to restricting grains and sugars, which youcan read more about in my book TheNo-Grain Diet, there are some simple things you can doto normalize cholesterol levels.

You can take a high-quality krill oil that is chock fullof beneficial omega-3 fattyacids

Additionally, if you are a man, or a woman who is in menopause,you should checkyour iron levels as elevated levels of iron can raisecholesterol levels and cause major oxidative damage in theblood vessels, heart and other organs. Excessiron is also one of the major contributing factors ofcancer risk.

Regular exerciseis another important tool that may reduce your risk of heartdisease.

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