How a Vegetarian Resolved Underweight and Rosacea Problems

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August 27, 2003 | 36,369 views

Since the 1980s I was sick and extremely thin. I suffered from malabsorption, debilitating headaches, protein deficiency and rosacea.

I heard about Dr. Mercola on a radio station and finally came to see him when my headaches got so bad that I couldn’t think. After starting Dr. Mercola’s program I felt better within three weeks!

I had been a vegetarian, close to vegan, for 14 years and had also tried eating macrobiotically, which consisted of a high-grain, no-sugar, mostly raw diet. However, I found out through Metabolic Typing that I am a Mixed Type and needed to add meat to my diet. I also added raw eggs, which I had not been eating previously, and fish oil.

Dr. Mercola recommended that I cut grains from my diet as well, and start juicing green vegetables. Although I had juiced in the past, I had been using a lot of carrots in the juice.

The improvements I felt after implementing these changes were amazing! After I cut out grains and made the other changes my headaches were gone, the rosacea improved and, most importantly, I gained much-needed weight. I went from 97 pounds to 107 pounds, which is a huge improvement for me.

After my great results, I recommended that my husband, who has high blood sugar, reduce grains in his diet, and he also improved after doing this.

The program was not difficult for me to follow, although I am naturally a disciplined person when it comes to diet. I did use EFT when I had a craving for bananas, and it worked to get rid of my craving!

Although I’ve always been a high-energy person, I have even more energy after starting Dr. Mercola’s program, and it is something that I can live with and improve upon in my life.

This program has truly given me my life back!

--Rae Herring
Heavener, OK

Many people who are not biochemically suited to vegetarianism decide to become vegetarians for health or spiritual reasons. While some people can do quite well with only small amounts of protein, others need plenty of protein in order to function optimally. This is where Metabolic Typing becomes so useful.

As you can see from the story above, eating a diet that is not right for your body can lead to major health consequences. The woman in the story above was suffering because she was not eating enough protein to satisfy her Mixed nutritional type. She was able to turn her health around by simply adding animal protein and green vegetables to her diet, while cutting out grains.

An important point here is that not just any animal protein will do. If you are a vegetarian and decide to add animal protein to your diet (or if you already eat meat but would like to become more health conscious), be sure that you are eating ‘healthy’ meat.

Obtaining healthy meat means avoiding most grain-fed meats. Grain-free meats not only provide a better balance of omega fats, but the animals are healthier, and the risk of acquiring an infection from a healthy animal is very remote.

Many stores will advertise beef as grass-fed, because virtually ALL cattle are grass-fed initially. But what matters is what they are fed in the months prior to their slaughter, not what they are fed initially, and most cattle are fed grains during this time.

The least expensive way to obtain grass-fed beef is by locating a farmer and purchasing the products directly. If you are unable to do this we have grass-fed beef suppliers on our site that can overnight the grain-free beef to you.

There are also other healthy meat options beyond beef. Two of the best meats on the planet--in terms of nutrition value and their incredible taste--are bison and ostrich. Please remember you can now get bison meat and exclusive omega-3-rich ostrich meat in our store. Both of these meats are free-ranged, fed primarily grass/alfalfa diets, and contain no antibiotics or steroids.

The use of antibiotics in commercial livestock is so widespread that whether from my site or elsewhere, I urge you to try bison and ostrich. Not only do these meats provide a healthy, clean source of protein and minerals, but they are great tasting too.