Amazing Recovery From Multiple Sclerosis

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October 11, 2003 | 87,029 views

The longest study to date on therapies for multiple sclerosis (MS) recommends that patients with MS be treated with Avonex (a type of interferon) as early as possible. The central premise of the article is absolutely correct--one should start treatment of a chronic disease as soon as possible as it becomes progressively more difficult to treat the longer one holds off on treatment.

However, I have major disagreements with the study's recommended treatment--Avonex. Someone please help me understand why ANYONE would use a drug that costs $1,200 per month--yes, you heard me correctly, $1,200 per month--and in no way, shape or form treats the cause of the disease. (If you are thinking corporate drug company greed that sure sounds right to me.)

You will be able to see the flaws with this recommendation yourself by reading the following story of one patient with MS who came to see me. Like nearly all severe chronic disease cases I see, his event started shortly after a severe emotional trauma occurred in his life. When he came in I had him stop the Avonex immediately, as I don't believe that there is any indications at all to ever use this drug. He followed a raw-food, metabolically appropriate, diet and received plenty of energetic emotional treatment. Over the next few weeks 10 of his 12 initial symptoms all but disappeared and the remaining two improved. He said he hadn't felt so good in years.

If he had waited a few more years and came in a wheel chair, I suspect it may not have been possible to obtain the same results. At some point the damage does become irreversible. Prior to my application of nutritional typing and effective emotional interventions, it was uncommon to see these types of improvements with MS, but now I am really shocked if we don't see them. Fortunately, I am seeing these types of improvements quite regularly now in the MS patients we are treating.

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By Matt Bolson
Woodridge, IL

"I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) on May 1, 1999 and was put on Avonex [an Interferon beta drug]. The drug cost me $1,200 a month and for the over two years I was on it my symptoms continued to get worse and I had fevers and many other drug side effects.

I realized that I needed to find out how to get some positive results and then I came across an article in Dr. Mercola's newsletter, which I'd been reading for about two years, called "MS Drugs a Waste of Money". I really wanted
to get off the drugs so I made an appointment to see Dr. Mercola.

I'll never forget Dr. Mercola's response when I asked 'When can I go off the drugs?' He asked me what time it was, and I said 'It's 2:00.' He replied, 'Well, how about right now?'

After I saw Dr. Mercola and stopped taking the drugs, it took about one and a half to two months of following his program before I began feeling better. I had been following a low-fat diet, which is what is typically recommended for MS, but found out that this was conflicting with my nutritional type, which turned out to be protein type.

I began eating dark meat chicken and red meat, which I love but hadn't eaten in almost three years, and raw coconut and avocados. I'd never thought to eat raw coconut or avocados before, but now they're just about my favorite foods on the program.

I also began to eat raw meat--bison and beef--and noticed an immediate change in how I felt. I also juice, mostly spinach and celery, almost daily.

When I started the program I was in the middle of an exacerbation and was feeling weak and numb, but soon I began to feel better. I used to get nerve and spine pain, searing head pain and fevers and now it's all gone.

But there were two major factors that I learned at The Optimal Wellness Center, aside from the dietary changes, that really made a profound difference in my recovery. First, I had to learn that I didn't have MS, I had
symptoms associated with it. Next, I had to believe that I could overcome this disease, even though that goes against everything you hear in mainstream media.

I did EFT with Linda, an EFT therapist, and that really helped me to accept these two truths. Learning and believing these two factors was imperative to my recovery. I was also able to see my progress each month with the live blood cell analysis from Jordan. Being able to see my blood on the screen and actually see it improve was the coolest thing I'd ever seen!

I'd also suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for my entire life, but when I changed my diet my stomach repaired itself almost immediately. Now I continue to improve, feel great and am completely off the MS drugs. Dr. Mercola's program has really made a difference for me."