How to Avoid the Top 5 Deadliest Household Tragedies

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November 12, 2003 | 25,109 views

By Dr. Joseph Mercola
     with Rachael Droege

Home accidents are responsible for more unintentional fatal injuries than any other cause except motor vehicle accidents. Accidents in the home are often caused by human error and typically could be prevented, yet they amount to 20,000 deaths and close to 13 million injuries a year.

And all of these injuries add up. According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina"s Injury Prevention Research Center, home accidents result in 20 million medical visits every year and costs surrounding them reach nearly $380 billion each year.

The leading cause of deaths from home accidents include:

I tend to focus on natural ways to keep healthy like eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. But, all of the great nutrition and lifestyle habits in the world will not help you if you fall victim to one of these household accidents. That said, here are some tips to avoid five of the most common household tragedies:






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