Avoid Sinus Infections Naturally

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November 29, 2003 | 33,513 views

Millions of Americans suffer from sinus infection every year, and despite the invention of antibiotics sinus infections are still going strong. More people get sinus infections today than they did before we had antibiotics.

According to Bottom Line, more and more "doctors are realizing that to successfully fight of sinus infection and prevent it from recurring, medication alone isn’t enough."

If you or someone you know is struggling to get rid of a pesky sinus infection, don’t miss these eight natural treatments that will help you recover more quickly and reduce the chances of a returning infection.

Bottom Line May 2003

Sinus infection is a widespread problem, but antibiotics are a disaster for this problem if used long-term.

Some interesting options were left out though, like humming. Also, don’t underestimate the power of your own immune system in fighting off infections. Eliminating sugars and grains from your diet, as detailed in my nutrition plan, are two important physical principles to strengthen your immune system. Additionally, obtaining enough sleep and exercise and having an important tool to address the emotional traumas in your life will be particularly helpful. EFT is one profoundly simple, inexpensive and effective tool to address the underlying emotional traumas that can devastate the immune system.

Poor food quality, excessive exposure to toxic chemicals and a high-speed lifestyle in combination with poor adaptation to high stress levels puts all of us at greater risk for not only sinus infection but all disease.