Proof That Increased Sugar Causes Cancer

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February 18, 2004 | 28,889 views

According to a study, women who consume a high dietary glycemic load may increase their risk of colorectal (colon) cancer. Glycemic load is a measure of how quickly a food's carbohydrates are turned into sugars by the body (glycemic index) in relation to the amount of carbohydrates per serving of that food.

The study consisted of 38, 451 women who were followed for almost eight years. The participants filled out questionnaires about their eating habits, so researchers could examine the associations of dietary glycemic load, overall dietary glycemic index, carbohydrate, fiber, non-fiber carbohydrate, sucrose, and fructose with the subsequent development of colon cancer. Researchers found that women who ate the most high-glycemic-load foods were nearly three times more likely to develop colon cancer.

This study shows that not only can a diet rich in sugar boost the risk of type 2 diabetes and contribute to obesity, but it may also lead to colon cancer.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute February 4, 2004;96(3):229-233

Here we have it, published in the official journal ofthe Cancer Institute. They are finally recognizing what theNobel Prize did over 70 years ago, by awarding the prize toDr. Warburg in Germany for discovering that sugarcaused cancer. If you are obese you are farmore likely to have cancer. Normalizing your insulinlevels is one of the most powerful physical actions youcan take to improve your health and lower your risk of cancer.

It is vital to understand what insulin actually is. Insulinis something all humans have as without it we would go intohyperglycemic coma and die, but many of us have insulin levelsthat are too high.

The pancreas releases insulin--produced by beta cells--afteryou eat carbohydrates. This causes a rise in blood sugar.Insulin ensures your cells receive some blood sugar necessaryfor life, and increases glycogen storage. However, it alsodrives your body to use more carbohydrate, and less fat, asfuel. And, insulin converts almost half of your dietary carbohydrateto fat for storage. In other words, when we eat too much carbohydrate,we're essentially sending a hormonal message, via insulin,to the body (actually, to the adipose cells). The message:"Store fat."

Not only do increased insulin levels tell the body tostore carbohydrates as fat, they also tell it not to releaseany stored fat. This makes it impossible for you to use yourown stored body fat for energy. So the excess carbohydratesin your diet not only make you fat, they make sure you stayfat.

High levels of insulin can cause major damage to yourbody. The most recognized of these is diabetes. In addition,hypertension, obesity, high levels of cholesterol and otherlipids, heart disease, kidney disease, female infertilityand neurodegeneration are all causes of eating too many carbohydrates,resulting in high insulin levels.

If you want to use more fats for energy, the insulin responsemust be moderated. Diets high in refined sugars release moreinsulin thereby allowing less stored fat to be burned.

Insulin is the key to the vast majority of chronic illnessas I expressed above. Fortunately, it is the variable mosteasily influenced by healthy eatingand exercise.The future health of our country undoubtedly depends uponhealthier eating. That means you must, in order to stay healthy,eliminategrains and sugars from your diet.

Many people struggle with this grain/sugar restriction.We have been using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to successfullytreat emotional stresses, including food cravings such asthose related to sugar and grains, for some time.

Although often overlooked, emotional health is essentialto your physical well-being. No matter how devoted you areto a healthy lifestyle, it is nearly impossible to reach yourgoals if emotional barriers stand in your way. EFT uses acombination of kinetic energy input and positive affirmationsto release you of your emotional "blocks."

You can view our recently updated EFTmanual free of charge. If you seek more in-depth knowledgeof the EFT technique, my EFTseries is available on DVD or VHS. The series will teachyou how to relieve most emotional traumas, abolish phobias,overcome food cravings and eliminate or greatly reduce physicalpain. You can also make an appointment with an expert to helpyou with the EFT process.

For more information on insulin’s many effects onhealth, be sure to read Dr.Rosedale's classic and highly informative insulin lecture.

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