Mind-Training Exercises Keep Your Brain Fit as You Age

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April 07, 2004 | 29,578 views

Old age doesn’t have to be defined by forgetfulness and difficulty acquiring new skills if you keep your brain fit with mind-training exercises.

Researchers found the reason why old people easily forget things is because they memorize too many unimportant things. Experts claim that when muscles aren’t exercised, they become stunted; therefore keeping mentally fit throughout our lives increases the chances of staying mentally fit during old age.

Experts believe the degeneration process begins at the age of 40, but people begin to notice once they retire, a slowing down due to the lack of using concentration and memory skills.

Research has shown that memory can be activated with simple exercises such as searching for famous people whose first names begin with the letter A. Other research has shown instances of older people remembering better with sound, rhyme and picture associations.

It has been discovered that old people learn by repeating material frequently and excel if the material is well structured in a quiet environment. Also, breaks in daily routines with the course of taking on a new hobby have shown to be beneficial in keeping the brain active.

Independent Online March 18, 2004

These approaches to keeping the mind healthy and memory strong are practical, inexpensive and simple. The exercises are also easy and can be practiced anywhere, so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try.

Memory impairment is a major challenge for many of my patients, especially after the age of 40. It seems to be a universal problem for all of those who are not following an optimized eating program and following through with a regular exercise program.

Sugar is one of the main culprits linked to memory loss. Studies have proven that people with the inability to rapidly bring down elevated sugar levels are more likely to experience memory loss. Just for this reason alone, it is of utmost importance to eliminate toxic sugars from your diet.

You will find the best ways to eliminate sugars and grains from your diet in my Total Health Program, which contains over 150 recipes designed by nutritional experts.

Additionally, please definitely consider optimizing your intake of omega-3 fats. The best way to get a routine dose of omega-3 fats is through a high-quality fish oil or cod liver oil as a lack of omega-3--and most Americans are lacking in this important fatty acid--seems to be a strong indication of those who struggle with memory problems.

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