Flu Vaccines for Children Still Contain Mercury

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May 22, 2004 | 19,298 views

 For the pastfive years, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. PublicHealth Service have joined forces in requesting the removal of allmercury-containing preservative thimerosal from vaccines. However,now for the first time, recommendations have been given to 6- to 23-month-oldchildren to get annual flu vaccines and the recommendations didn’tinclude mercury-free forms of vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) reasoningbehind this was that they felt the risk of contracting the flu andfacing health complications greatly outweighed any of the potentialrisks from thimerosal in the vaccines. The CDC also stated thatthere hasn’t been any scientific evidence of harm from exposureto thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Since the 1930s, thimerosal, which is filled with 49.6 percentmercury, has been used in vaccines to control bacteria and fungi.

Both parents and watchdog groups have shown increasing concernover the risks of autism and other neurodevelopmental disordersas a result of being exposed to mercury. Opposition from other groupsagainst the vaccine has motivated Congress to form a bill, whichbanned thimerosal from all vaccines.

Other experts said that the cost of mercury-free vaccines was higherthan the thimerosal-containing vaccines and that a removal of thimerosal-containingvaccines could result in wasting one-third of the doses that havealready been produced.

Although a major assessment of thimerosal didn’t prove ordisprove any conclusive evidence on the safety of thimerosal, expertsagreed that it should be removed from the vaccines recommended forinfants, children and pregnant women.

One pediatrician stated that he planned on giving the flu vaccineto younger children, however would definitely choose the thimerosal-freevaccine over the thimerosal-containing vaccine.

An expert from "PROVE"(Parents Requesting Open VaccineEducation) claimed that from the 90 to 100 million flu vaccinesthat will be produced for this fall, only 6 to 8 million would beavailable without mercury.

The expert also stated that adding this vaccine to the series ofvaccines for children was just a way for the vaccine companies tocover their backs. For example, if the vaccine injured someone,the law would prevent people from being able to directly sue themanufacturer for injuries.

The law would also require them to take part in the long and tediousprocess of the VaccineInjury Compensation Program, which throws most cases out withoutany compensation.

CIDRAPNews May 6, 2004


I have seen hundreds and hundreds of autistic children at my practice.  The central nervoussystem of a newborn infant is particularly susceptible to toxicinfluences, which is one of the reasons why the hepatitis B vaccineis such a problem.

Even with all of the negative consequences, the CDC is stillturning their heads the other way and has added these mercury-basedvaccines to the routine vaccination schedule for children.

If, for whatever reason, you are not yet convinced of the valueand safety in avoiding vaccines, you should NOT let your child receivevaccines from the multi-dose vials.

These vaccines still have the thimerosol in them.

Inform the physician or nurse that you want the single-dosevaccine container and request that you want to actually witnessthem removing it from the vial and would like the empty vial totake home with you as proof that they did not receive the mercury-contaminatedvaccine.

This way you will at least avoid one of the problems with thevaccines.

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