How Can You Treat Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease? Run From It!

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June 05, 2004 | 27,199 views

ByDr. Ben Lerner

The most significant diseases we face today are, for the most part,self-perpetuated. In other words, if we get sick, chances are itwas our own fault.

Places like the American Heart Association, The Texas UniversityCancer Prevention Institute, the National Institute of Health, andThe Center for Disease Control are finding that the only effectivetreatment for prevention or recovery of heart disease, cancer, anddiabetes is lifestyle. As much as 85 percent of these conditionscan be prevented through properly caring for your body.

Prevention is always the best cure.

Establishing health can seem complicated, but it’s reallyquite simple. A patient of mine, just had an article written abouthim titled "100 Isn’t Even A Speed Bump." To knowhim is to know that he’s 100 and going strong. He credits avoidingmedication, eating several healthy meals a day (taking careful considerationof what he eats), seeing the chiropractor regularly, riding hisbike every day and working in the yard. That is living your lifethe way God intended, which always equals reaching your potential.(Science and the Bible both point to the fact that life expectancyis 120 years.)

Over the past several years science has accumulated a wealth ofdata about turning your life and health around. What has been provenis that the body has an amazing, God-given capacity to heal itself.

As Dr. Jeffery Koplan, director for the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention (CDC) says, "At any time you decide to improveyour behavior and make lifestyle changes, they make a differencefrom that point on. Maybe not right away. It’s like slammingon the brakes. You do need a certain skid distance."

In addition to your blue-printed Mercolanutritional program, you need to participate in a consistentthoughtful movement program otherwise known as exercise. Researchon exercise shows that it creates a minimum of an additional 50percent boost in your immune system’s chance of preventingcancer and causes improved function in all metabolic activities.On the contrary, avoiding thoughtful movement can produce the oppositeeffect, or poorer function and decreased immunity.

All disease and symptoms are related to poor body function, physiologicalimbalance and lowered immunity. On the contrary, exercise improvesbody function, helps to balance metabolic activity and significantlyboosts immunity. Unfortunately, for many exercise is more of anannual event. At last check only one out of every four Americanswere found to exercise regularly enough to improve or even maintaintheir current level of health.

The three most common excuses for not exercising are:

There is great news here! It turns out that the best kind of exerciseis the kind that doesn’t hurt or take that long. Thus, youmight even like it.

The Power of 10 Minutes

One of the most encouraging discoveries in the history of exercisewas when they found the power of 10 minutes. In as little as 10minutes your body begins to function better and increase metabolicprocesses with benefits that can last as much as 24 hours.

Additionally, 10 minutes twice a day--a morning power walk whilepraying or meditating followed by an evening bike ride with thefamily--has all the benefits of 20 straight minutes. Anyone canfind 10 minutes.

*To determine your most effective--pain-free--pace,calculate your fat burning zone using the following formula:

  1. Find your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR):

  2. Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) = 220 - Your Age

  3. 2. Find your Fat Utilization Rate:

  4. Fat Utilization Rate (FUR) = 55 - 75 percent of your MHR

Example Calculation for Determining MovingZone Heart Rates

Age: 40

MHR: 220 -- 40 = 180 BPM

Fat Burning Rates:

FUR = 55 -- 75 percent of 180 = 99 -- 135 BPM

You can find your heartbeat simply by placing your fingers lightlybut firmly over the inside of your wrist or on your neck just belowthe angle of your jaw. (Caution: Do not put too much pressure onthe neck; this can slow down the heart, make you dizzy, make youpass out, and can be dangerous for anyone with potential blockagesof blood vessels in the neck.) Another way to arrive at this numberis to put your hand over your heart to count the number of beatsor simply use a heart monitor.

Spend 10 minutes or more a day at your fat burning rate and youwill enjoyably, safely, comfortably, and easily feel better, trimdown and enhance health. I always say that the reason my patientswho exercise regularly and stay very active live into their 90sand 100s is, "It’s hard to hit a moving target."

Keep moving!

Caution: If you have any questions or concerns about your exerciseprogram, your target heart rate, or if you feel ill in any way whileperforming exercise, consult your physician.

Dr.Ben Lerner is the New York Times Best-Selling author of Bodyby God: The Owner’s Manual For Maximized Living. He wasa 1996 and 2000 Olympic Team Chiropractor, nutritionist, and strengthand conditioning trainer. To learn more about his breakthroughstrategies for making exercise safe, easy and effective or tofind a qualified Chiropractor near you go to

I met Dr. Lerner early in 2004 and am convinced he is an authenticleader in the health field. He is incredibly fit and nearly madeit into the Olympics as a wrestler. His passion is to improve otherpeople’s health, and through his work with thousands of patientshe discovered a proven pathway to build health instead of merelytreating disease, which is a major part of the visionof this Web site.

His new book, BodyBy God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living, is anexcellent resource for anyone looking to improve their health throughthe following principles:

Because Dr. Lerner is an athlete he focuses much of the bookon very specific exercises you can use to improve your physicalhealth in a minimal amount of time.

Dr. Lerner will be a regular contributor to the newsletter,so keep an eye out for more of his insightful articles in futureeditions.

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