Think Fluoride is Healthy? Find Out the Shocking Truth in "The Fluoride Deception"

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June 09, 2004 | 54,822 views

By Dr. Joseph Mercola with Rachael Droege

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What do a picture of a smiling girl with perfect white teeth and behind her a ghost-like silhouette of a man dressed in toxic waste gear and a gas mask have in common? This is not a joke, this is what you see when you look at the cover of "The Fluoride Deception," by Christopher Bryson--even before turning to page one you are given a large clue. Much more than a book about the dangers of fluoride, "The Fluoride Deception" reveals a multi-tiered effort, or as Bryson says an abuse of power, by military and industry scientists and public health officials to shamelessly promote fluoride to the dentistry field and the American public with little regard to the implications it would have on human health.

If you are not familiar with the controversy surrounding the use of fluoride in water, toothpaste and numerous other products and industries, your mouth will drop as you read this book. If you are, you will be amazed at just how far and wide the cover-up and deceit stretches.

Bryson cites numerous, and specific, scientific studies linking fluoride, which he describes as "so potent a chemical that it's also a grave environmental hazard and a potential workplace poison," to numerous health ills including arthritis, bone cancer, emphysema and nervous system disorders like Alzheimer's disease and attention deficit disorder (ADD). In fact, the evidence is so compelling that you will likely find yourself reading and rereading in disbelief.

You'll read how a leading Harvard toxicologist who found that fluoride in water produced nervous system changes in rats that resemble attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was fired just days before her research was accepted for publication. Meanwhile, you'll find out the shocking connection between the U.S. Army Manhattan Project, where patients were injected--unknowingly--with plutonium and uranium to determine the toxic effects, and fluoride. And this is only the beginning of the story!

If you've ever wondered about that warning on the back of your toothpaste tube--the one that says a child who swallows more than a pea-size amount should contact poison control--and thought about how fluoridated water, which is drank in uncontrolled quantities, could be safe in comparison, you do not want to miss "The Fluoride Deception."

For those of you who have never thought twice about fluoride in your drinking water, this book is a much-needed wake-up call. And, if you are a dentist who supports the use of fluoride, you cannot afford to miss the information included in this book's 17 chapters. As Bryson says, it was "scientific fraud on a grand and global scale."

"The Fluoride Deception" reads like a novel that you can't put down, but the information, though seemingly fantastic at times, is not a story. Instead, this book chronicles very real people and events and the end result is a masterpiece of documented abuse, pollution and poisoning that can no longer be ignored. I highly recommend "The Fluoride Deception" to anyone and everyone--the message it contains has the power to change policy and opinions, and will make you question the effects of not only fluoride but also of other "safe" chemicals used openly in our environment today.

Stay tuned for an interview with Christopher Bryson in the next newsletter.

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