Learn to Handle Stress to Avoid High Blood Pressure

Kids who get agitated or lose their cool while playing video games might have increased chances of developing high blood pressure in their later years.

A study of 4,000 adults revealed that young adults who became less emotionally charged while playing video games had lesser chances of developing high blood pressure in their middle age than those who exhibited stressed-out behaviors while playing video games.

In a 13-year study, beginning in 1985, researchers studied 5,115 men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 and tested their cardiovascular activity at predetermined times. Stress tests were administered after the second year of the study to 4,202 of the study participants who had normal blood pressure levels.

Three Types of Stress Tests That Were Given

  • The participant's hand was submersed into ice-cold water for a period of 45 seconds
  • Participants were required to trace an image
  • Participants played a stressful video game

Results of the Study

  • Participants with the highest blood pressure readings during each of the tests were considered to have an increased likelihood for developing high blood pressure later in life
  • During a 13-year re-evaluation it was discovered that 353 of the participants had developed high blood pressure

This study confirmed prior findings on the definitive relationship between stress and high blood pressure and also provided an effective indicator of future cases of high blood pressure.

Circulation June 21, 2004

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

High blood pressure eventually affects up to 90 percent of Americans making it a condition that requires definite attention.

Two factors not addressed in this study that warrant concern are the growing violent nature of video games kids have access to and the sedentary lifestyle associated with kid's favorite pastimes, watching TV and playing video games. Years of this inactivity take their toll on children's health and could lead to chronic diseases such as obesity, which is often linked to high blood pressure.

It is up to parents to monitor both TV and video game times and encourage their kids to take part in physical activities.

Some of the main causes of high blood pressure include:

Emotional factors like stress are one of the major causes of high blood pressure; so learning how to reduce stress would be extremely helpful.

The other major cause is a high-grain and high-sugar diet with not enough exercise. Following a healthy nutrition plan, along with exercising and emotional rebalancing, will normalize blood pressure in most people.

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