Alternatives to the Flu Vaccine

I can think of very few more insane holiday events than having parents and children wait in long lines at shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals and clinics to get a flu vaccination, worrying that the supply might run out before they step up to get the shot. They have been convinced that the flu vaccine will save them from the terrible flu bug that has already killed six children in Colorado and six people in Oklahoma. It is a dangerous way of thinking, as you will read below.

When I first started practicing medicine over 20 years ago, the flu vaccine was only indicated for those over 60 years if age or with chronic health conditions. Now, experts are predicting that we will see even more flu vaccinations recommended than we have already seen. A Mayo Clinic professor and a member of the CDC advisory committee on immunization predicted that we will continue to see a broadening of the recommendation for influenza immunization.

The new FluMist nasal spray, which costs three times as much as the injectable form of the vaccine, was supposed to be the answer to the nearly unavailable shot. While FluMist was expected to be a hit among the needle-shy, the company said in November that it had distributed just 400,000 doses of the spray, although it had made about four million. The demand for it is now sharply rising. However, one important point you need to know is that BOTH forms of these vaccines are full of toxins, like mercury, aluminum and phenol. Still, these vaccines are now recommended ANNUALLY for just about everyone. Can you even begin to imagine the cumulative toxicity of injecting phenol, mercury and aluminum into your body every year?

Why Flu Vaccine Isn't Good For You

Beyond the toxins in the vaccines, though, those who obtain the immunization are in for a big surprise: the flu vaccine will actually do little to protect them from the flu. The influenza virus is merely an innocent bystander. Most people have been lead to believe -- by the pharmaceutical powers that dominate conventional medicine and really like your money -- that viruses like the flu bug are the problem. They are not the problem. The real problem is that many people, in fact most people in the U.S. now, have weakened and impaired immune systems that are unable to function as they’re designed to because of our horrendous dietary habits (the same culprit behind the obesity and chronic disease epidemics in the U.S.)

So pay close attention to this fact: If you are one of the many whose immune system has been impaired by the "American diet" rich in sugars, grains, processed foods, fast foods, and all the other junk, putting so much faith and credence in a single vaccine against the flu is like fireproofing one door in your house when the rest of your home is saturated in gasoline. A vaccine won’t "save you" from the flu, much less from far more serious diseases, because your underlying defenses -- your immunity -- are seriously dysfunctional, and there are far too many potential "invaders" to ward off via the artificial means of vaccination.

Still many people, apparently the majority of people, allow themselves to be brainwashed with the hype surrounding vaccinating against the latest flu bug. It is a vicious cycle of thinking, really, as there will be new resistant strains of flu bugs, and then more new bugs after that and after that, and so the perceived "need" for vaccines against them will rise ... until everyone is injecting or inhaling these things in such a frenzied manner that you’d think they were all addicted to heroin or cocaine. And the drugs companies will continue laughing all the way to the bank.

How to Stop Worrying About Flu Vaccinations for Good

Avoid the brainwashing. It only takes stepping back from the hype for a moment to realize the following is just pure common sense: if your body’s immunity level is where it is naturally supposed to be, you won’t have to worry about this flu vaccination issue every winter. For that matter, you’ll get to be much less concerned about getting cancer, heart disease, and all of the other very serious chronic diseases out there, too. Because your body, when you are eating the proper diet, is designed to stave off these bugs and all the "bad" invaders.

It constantly amazes me how many people ask "should I take this vaccine" (or some pill) and, when I tell them they should instead focus on eating properly if they want to avoid the flu, other illnesses and disease, and all the drug company hype, they look at me as if I were speaking Swahili. Most Americans want a quick fix, but while that might work in other areas of their life, the quick fix approach is not healthcare.

On that note, it’s important to remember the revealing study researchers did over 60 years ago. In 1938, the only laboratory animal that could contract polio by experimental inoculation was the monkey. All other laboratory animals were completely resistant to the polio virus, including the rabbit. The researchers could not infect these rabbits with polio -- that is, until they lowered their blood sugar in a way that also occurs in humans after they eat sugar. So the take-home message is that if you want to avoid the flu, avoid sugar like the plague. Avoiding sugar is the single most important physical factor that you can address to avoid the flu.

What Should You Do if You DO Get the Flu?

Preventing the flu (and other illnesses) as described in greater detail below is obviously "your best medicine." But if you do get the flu, one of the most important and simple things you can do is to use hydrogen peroxide in your ears. Yes folks, simple hydrogen peroxide, about a half of a capful in each ear, several times a day, is more than likely to abort the flu reaction. I didn't believe it when I first saw it, but I have now seen many hundreds of cases that have been rapidly aborted with the use of hydrogen peroxide. You can read my original posting on peroxide for this purpose. It costs less than a penny, so you really don't have much to lose. Give it a try. I can guarantee you that it is less toxic and more effective than any flu vaccine on the planet.

But again, please remember the ultimate treatment for the flu is proactive prevention. Eat the right foods, avoid the junk, get plenty of rest and stay emotionally balanced - all presented in detail in my new book -- and you and the flu symptoms will likely never meet.

Prevent the Flu -- and Other Diseases -- For Good!

If you're only interested in quick fixes like a vaccine to avoid the flu and all the other sicknesses that you could get, it is a losing proposition. Your arms are going to be black and blue from all the vaccines you are "supposed" to take, you’ll be swallowing a giant cocktail of pharmaceuticals, and 1) they won’t "save you" anyway, because there far too many potential invaders when your immune system is dysfunctional; 2) the mix of all the toxins in the vaccines and drugs will harm you and likely kill you faster.

So how do you stop worrying about the flu vaccine, how do you really prevent flues and more serious diseases? When I give the answer, this is where I lose those who are addicted to "quick fixes," who are lazy, or just plain brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies, but here it is:

Start focusing NOW on eating properly. That means STOP with the junk foods and fast foods, STOP with the sugary foods, the processed grains, and the trans-fats. That means INCREASE the healthy and essential fats like the omega-3 found in cod liver oil, the good carbohydrates like those in vegetables, and the healthy proteins like those in clean, naturally raised meats (i.e., NOT the kind you typically find in grocery stores) like free-range chicken. That means learn your metabolic type as soon as possible so you know what proportion of fats, carbs and proteins are ideal to build YOUR immune system (and help you optimize your weight, and increase energy, and avoid premature aging).

I guarantee that this and not vaccines and pills are the answer. I have spent over two decades developing my dietary program, and through my respected clinic it has proven to help tens of thousands of people build their immunity, overcome disease (most far more serious than the flu), optimize their weight and increase their energy.

Which all just about brings me to my highest recommendation to anyone wondering if they should get this vaccination or that one, if they should take this pill or that one: read my book presenting my entire dietary program, which as you’ll see is designed to make it easy to implement the program into your life. But wait a moment. Having stated this let me address the two common objections I get from some people when I do make this recommendation:

  • "After all that, you’re just trying to hawk a book!" Maybe I’m being too ideal, but this objection startles me. People will dole out hundreds to thousands every year on vaccines, pills and other quick-fixes that do nothing real for their health, they’ll drop gobs of their hard-earned money on garbage food without blinking, but their defenses suddenly go up when a real solution -- a solution that costs the price of one dinner out -- is presented to them.

    Well, for those who may not be familiar with my high integrity, I created out of my own pocket, and now use any profit from other products to maintain and expand it. And with my book providing my entire dietary program and over 150 new recipes, ALL OF MY PROFITS ARE GOING TO A NEW NON-PROFIT HEALTH ASSOCIATION that, beginning in 2004, will work toward shifting the healthcare paradigm in the U.S. and then beyond away from the drug/surgery quick-fix model and to a real healthcare system focused on prevention, real cure, and wellness.

  • "How do I even know your dietary program really works when so many out there are full of hot air?" This objection I do understand, as there are many "diet" programs out there that fail people, providing temporary weight loss at the most but rarely any real health benefits. To answer this objection, again, I am a licensed physician who has dedicated over twenty years to developing this dietary program, and literally tens of thousands of patients have been helped by it at my clinic.

    So when I say I GUARANTEE you that this is the answer, I mean it literally. While most publishers or bookstores allow a book to be returned for up to several weeks or months after purchasing it, I KNOW that if you follow my program you will build your immunity, you will experience an increase in your energy, you will avoid premature aging and be considerably healthier, and so I am guaranteeing my new book for life. That means at any point in YOUR life you can return it for your money back, no questions asked. I can do this because I know that, when you follow the program, you’ll agree it really is the best $31.95 you’ve ever spent.

In the book you'll learn about all the foods that will help you build your immune system and optimize your weight, and those you should avoid. You'll also learn all about nutritional typing, including a test providing the basics on your own type and the proportion of good proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you should be consuming for your specific biochemistry (you don't have the same biochemistry as others, and therefore what you SHOULD be eating differs from others, which is why all those one-size-fits-all diet plans out there generally fail). Finally, as mentioned, you'll get over 150 delicious and very healthy recipes for all types of meals, from main dishes and soups to snacks, desserts and raw foods.

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