Flu Deaths Outrageously Exaggerated to Increase Vaccine Sales

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October 30, 2004 | 28,965 views

Many people are rushing out to get a dose of the flu vaccine, as the supposed number of flu deaths a year is an estimated 36,000. However, new evidence shows a major flaw in these numbers.

One critic determined to expose the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and vaccine manufacturers for falsely instilling fear in people, has found the truth behind the "statistics." According to the CDC's most recent death statistics located on their Web site, influenza and pneumonia killed 62,034 people in 2001. That means, in light of the current statistic, that just over half of those deaths resulted from the flu. This however is far from true.

Upon further investigation of the Web site, the actual number of deaths caused by the flu came to 257, with pneumonia accounting for the remaining number of deaths.

The question in everyone's mind is: What's the real truth? Critics suggest the answer lies in the CDC's misleading warnings of the dangers linked to the flu, as well as their "recipe" for increasing flu shot demands. The ingredients include:

Moreover, significant profits are generated through the manufacturing, distributing and administrating of the flu vaccine. Sales from 2003 reached $332.4 million dollars, which only accounted for the manufacturing aspect of the vaccine.

Even more shocking, is the information the CDC posted on their Web site based on their own studies. They believe the flu vaccine to only be 16-63 percent effective against the flu. With this data in mind, critics conclude the flu vaccine to be pretty much worthless. In response, the CDA claims that their study did not imply the vaccine to be completely ineffective.

Lastly, the majority of influenza vaccines distributed in the United States contain Thimerosal. This methyl mercury based preservative has been linked to autism, Alzheimer's, and ADD. According to studies, the FDA is allowing vaccines with small amounts of Thimerosal to go undisclosed with labels claiming them to be "preservative-free. "

The CDC's target group for the flu vaccine last year was people over 65, or people with chronic medical conditions. This year their focus will center on children ages two and under.

Big News Network.com October 16, 2004

If you go to the CDC's main flu page you will find the 36,000 deaths number and a link to the actual flu table that has the death statistics.

But if you go to the more comprehensive overall death report you will find that only 753 people died of flu in 2002, which is an example of how many less deaths there are, than what is actually being reported by the CDC.

Just because health officials warn us that the flu season isn’t over, and the second wave of the flu could occur, that doesn't mean that you should run out and get a flu shot. Flu shots are full of potential problems, and the CDC admitted the shots don't even work.

Remember, there are effective alternatives to the flu vaccine that will actually keep you healthy in addition to preventing the flu. Some of these alternatives include exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and addressing stressors.

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