Essential Oils Can Be Used As a Natural Antibacterial

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January 05, 2005 | 25,615 views

By Dr. Mercola

I previously posted an article about one of the oldest and most powerful antibacterial treatments -- hand washing -- being the natural key to preventing staph infections (MSRA). Though many of us, especially health care professionals, frequently forget the importance of hand washing in preventing infections, it truly a helpful tool to protect you and your family from catching the flu or other illnesses.

And, as the article stated, researchers have now highlighted the use of essential oils to fight MRSA and other dangerous bacteria and fungi.

Essential oils can be traced back for thousands of years to ancient Egyptian times when they were made by soaking plants in oil and then filtering the oil through a linen bag. The particles in essential oils, which come from various parts of the plant (such as the flowers, twigs, leaves or bark) can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin.

Most essential oils have antibacterial qualities and have varying physical and emotional effects depending on the oil, such as stimulation, relaxation, pain relief and healing.

Some Uses of Essential Oils

Also, in a book I strongly encourage you to read, The Maker"s Diet, Dr. Jordan Rubin recommends 14 essential oils that have unique healing properties. He suggests putting five to 10 drops (total) of these "top healing oils" into a warm bath for a real "healing treat."

So get a copy of this amazing book today and learn more about the exotic, but highly effective, essential oils available. Note: It"s best to use essential oils, which are very potent in their effects, with caution if you"ve never been exposed before. You may want to consider consulting a professional aromatherapist for safe recommendations.

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