Mercury in Vaccines

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January 19, 2005 | 22,253 views


Thimerosal, a preservative developed by Eli Lily, was once widely used in vaccines. That was until it was identified as the source of the largest exposure to mercury in the United States in children under 18 months of age and mandated to be removed from vaccines. However, amazingly, despite its well-documented potential toxic effects, this harmful preservative remains present in the flu vaccine, which is given to pregnant women, the elderly and children.

A team of researchers examined the toxicity of thimerosal within the body including neurons. They explored:

Ordinarily, the brain and liver can manufacture enough glutathione (an essential antioxidant and naturally occurring tripeptide made of cysteine, glutamate, and glycine) to protect your body from exposure to various heavy metals, including mercury. When this critical compound is depleted in your body, however, the mercury that is left can bind with cellular proteins, can lead to toxic damage.

Studies have indicated low incredibly tiny concentrations of thimerosal induced:

Researchers also found that higher concentrations of thimerosal lead to a greater number of cells that were killed, and the nerve cell response occurred with only a three-hour exposure.

Neurotoxicology January 2005;26(1):1-8

I've posted many articles on this site about the perils of vaccines -- specifically the presence of thimerosal -- including extensive features by contributing editors and a board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock.

Thimerosal, which contains almost 50 percent ethyl mercury by weight, should have been removed from vaccines over six years ago, when the EPA first mandated its removal. But due to mislabeling and other problems its presence is still being felt. So much so that even package inserts, which are required to detail exactly what is in a vaccine, may not even be accurate. This means your physician may not even be aware that a toxic additive such as thimerosal is in the vaccine,

For this reason, before making a decision on vaccinating your children, I strongly urge you, to do your family a major favor by reviewing the many side effects and risks involved in being subjected to this potentially life-threatening preservative.  Choices in life are primarily driven by a risk / benefit ratio.


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