What You Can do About Codex, A Threat to Your Health Freedom

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May 14, 2005 | 19,468 views



Educating readers and patients via my daily newsletter-- so you can take control of your own health by providing comprehensive,clear and researched guidance on the best nutrition, medical, emotionaltherapy and lifestyle choices to improve and maintain your totalhealth -- is my primary mission and life goal.

Even though I generally believe people take too many supplementsin place of eating the healthiest foods, some are necessary. Thatsaid, for one to take responsibility for his or her own health,I believe Americans must never lose the right to choose and buysupplements. Although I hope Americans will make the right decisions,they should never lose the right to choose what's best for them,and that includes supplements.

Many thanks to Nancy Lee Bentley for her help in crafting thenext in a series of informative pieces I'm featuring on my Web siteleading up to the Codex meeting in July that may decide the supplementissue for many more people besides Europeans.

Please Note: An incorrect version of this article was released.This is the revised article with critical corrections and clarifications.We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

By NancyLee Bentley
Co-Author, Dr. Mercola'sTotal Health Program

There's a plain and simple fact about your health and health carechoices you won't find covered in any of the mainstream media today:Your health freedom is under attack!

If you are an E-Healthy News You Can Use subscriber and you areat all concerned about your and your family's health, you do most,if not all of these things:

If you follow any or all of these habits, I urge you to keep readingabout Codex, a threat to your healthy lifestyle and yourability to access what you need to maintain it.

Your rights have not been taken away… yet. But, if we don’tall wake up and act now, our access to nutritionalsupplements to prevent, treat or cure health problems and diseases,as well as our access to clean, uncontaminated food, which hasn’tbeen genetically modified, treated with hormones, antibiotics, growthstimulants or irradiation, including organically grown food, --all the things that Mercola.com has been telling you to choose --can ultimately become unavailable to us.

If the pharmaceutical interests have their way, even access toalternative, complementary, or holistic treatment practices willultimately be in jeopardy. Don’t panic, the sky is not falling…yet.But now is the time to become concerned, educate yourself and takeaction!

You may be asking yourself, "What is this threat? Whereis it coming from? I've never heard of it!" Keep reading...

What is Codex?

The origin of Codex Alimentarius (CO-DEX' AL-A-MEN-TARE'-Y-US):A stealthy foreign threat that means:

  1. Food rules that are about to be imposed upon you!

  2. An international regulation designed to control food trade and food standards all over the world, created by the United Nations more than 40 years ago.

  3. A hidden danger to your health and freedom, masquerading as food safety and protection, the US Congress is about pass into law, one way or another, unless we act now!

  4. Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, End of Your Health Choices, Xtra pain, suffering and even premature death.

Where is it Coming From?

CODEX is part of the World Trade Organization -- what Lori Wallach,author of “Whose Trade Organization?” calls the multinationalcorporate country club -- and its insidious, long-term effort to“harmonize” the world’s food, agriculture and ediblehealth product standards by 2010. Attempts at “HARMonization”have already made inroads through back door politics in the EuropeanUnion, Norway, Canada and Australia. Already, zinc in Germany costs$54 a bottle and 3-4 days worth of synthetic Vitamin E costsclose to $200!

Vitamins and minerals are the first target, although only the tipof the iceberg. Final ratification of these restrictive vitaminand mineral standards’ framework, a prelude to all of the foodand health-unfriendly provisions of this multi-headed Hydra, ispractically assured at the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission meetingthis July 4-9 in Rome. Unless we make a very big noise!

The United States is Next!

A consensus of international watchdog groups tracking this issueagree that these stringent international food rules will mostlikely be mandated into law here in the US through regional“HARMonization,” once we ratify CAFTA, the CentralAmerican Free Trade Agreement and the more expanded hemisphericFree Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

Identical language contained in the SPS (Sanitary PhytoSanitaryMeasures) in NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and the FTAA, bind us to make Codexstandards law domestically, part of an overall strategy to createa European Union equivalent, called the Western Atlantic Union (WAU),here in the Western hemisphere.

Even merely being a member of the World Trade Organization guarantees”HARMonization” of our laws with Codex standards.While most of us may not realize it, treaty law supersedes domesticlaw. Bills such as Rep. Dr. Ron Paul’s HJ27, proposing ourwithdrawal from the WTO, are currently on the docket, but as longas we are members of this global management initiative, we are obligatedto “HARMonize” with world standards, facing stifftrade sanctions for noncompliance.

At the same time, there is a concerted, although veiled, efforthere in the U.S. Congress to gut the Dietary Supplement Health EducationAct of 1994 (DSHEA), our remaining legal assurance that food supplementsare classified as foods, not drugs. Despite this seeming safeguardand natural trade industry assurances, DSHEA is still vulnerable.Canada and other countries already have provisions that make supplementsdrugs.

How Can This Possibly be Happening?

So, obviously threats to your health choices are multiple and insidious,like the tentacles of a giant, health and freedom-snatching octopus.How can this possibly be happening? Although difficult to believe,to paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, The truth is so outrageous, itis almost impossible to believe.

Keep on reading. This truth is one you definitely need to understandand act upon.

What Will Codex Mean?

New England Journal of Medicine studies showed that 40 percentof Americans value disease prevention and alternative healthcare so they spend over $13 billion annually with out-of-pocket(non-insurance) money.

Up until this point, compliance with Codex standards has been voluntary.Yet, that is only the start of the “Boiling Frog” strategy.First, as you may have heard, allowable supplements will be reducedto a handful of ultra low-dose, synthetic vitamins and minerals.Then, incredibly -- without public intervention and outcry -- startingthis year in phases, CODEX will go on to do these things:

CODEX is not just about vitamins and minerals, although this isthe most acute issue today. It will negatively impact agricultureand economies too. It’s predicted that if CAFTA passes, forexample, U.S. corn exports to Central America would increase by10,000 percent in the first year. In the first 10 years after NAFTAwent into effect, 1.7 million farmers, who make up the majorityof the population there, lost their land.

Who is Behind Codex?

The pharmaceutical, chemical and agribusiness corporations standto make huge amounts of money from CODEX. Well-funded, massive disinformationcampaigns, half-truth, half-lie “spin” websites like www.snopes.com,as well as infiltration and control of trade organizations supposedlydesigned to protect the health food and supplement industries, areall smoke-and-mirror tactics of these three “Big” interests.

So, if you have heard of CODEX at all, it may have been from industryor government or even trade group assurances that it is a hoax,beneficial to you, or even both. Don’t be misled by the massivedisinformation campaign. It’s easy to just go along and relyon the opinions of so-called “experts”, the governmentand others, but as a veteran health advocate who has worked foryears, like Dr. Mercola, to champion Natural Health, I can assureyou that this is no time to take anything for granted or allow yourselfto be lulled into complacency.

There is enough smoke about this issue – you will be hearingmore about it here and elsewhere in the coming weeks – to warrantmaking this a priority to understand, act on and spread the word.

Who Stands To Gain The Most?

Pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical companies, includingthe makers of Vioxx with a litany of 139,000 deaths, just accusedby the House Committee on Government Reform of both withholdingthe truth and releasing misleading information about the increaseheart attack dangers of this drug five years ago!

CODEX is nothing more than “removing of all competition.”The issue is neither “safety” nor “protection.”Beware, for “He who protects you completely also OWNS you completely.i.h.”

Who Stands To Lose The Most?

We do. Our families and ourselves.

If we wait until there are no legal options besides drugs and contaminatedfoods, and no nutrients or ways to protect ourselves from pesticides,hormones and foreign genes in our food, how will we be able tokeep our families and ourselves healthy?

What Can I DO?

DON’T WAIT. Start becoming educated and take actionagainst CODEX et.al. NOW. You can:


CODEX is not without its vulnerability, and WE CAN STOP IT,BUT NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Take a proactive stance and letyour Congressmen and women know that permitting any attack on yourhealth freedom will mean that they will NOT be re-elected to Congressagain! Get the word out to ALL of your networks.

Keep your health freedom alive!

Nancy Lee Bentley is a dynamic holistic health expert,chef, nutritional consultant, teacher, writer and speaker. ThisCornell-educated food, nutrition, and communications professional,whose career spans over 25 years in the commercial and whole foodsindustry, foodservice, health care and media, has been calleda pioneer in the fields of organic and natural foods, sustainablefood systems and holistic health. Her work has appeared in nationaland regional publications, with recognition from Earl Nightingale,the U.S. Department of Agriculture and 2000 Notable American Women,among others.

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