How Contraceptives Kill a Woman's Libido Long-Term

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June 14, 2005 | 30,725 views

The benefits of taking oral contraceptives may be no match for the risks. According to a study, while contraceptives allow a woman to have intercourse without fear of getting pregnant, they could extinguish her sexual desire ... permanently.

The pill has been linked to a number of side effects, including:

However, the side effect least talked about is its tendency to silence a woman’s libido by decreasing testosterone levels. Contraceptive drugs slow down the production of hormones in the ovaries and raise levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), a chemical that kills the libido.

And while experts believed any sexual dysfunction from taking oral contraceptives would disappear when a woman stopped using them--that no longer seems to be the case.

Permanent Libido Damage?

Researchers studied 125 young women who visited a sexual dysfunction clinic; half were taking oral contraceptives, 40 had previously taken them and 23 had never been on the pill.

After measuring the participants’ SHBG levels every three months for a year (via blood samples), researchers found:

New Scientist May 27, 2005

The human endocrine system is an amazingly complex conundrumthat few people, if any, fully understand. It is quite obvious thatartificially controlling a woman’s menstrual cycle with synthetichormones would certainly seem an ideal method of reversible birthcontrol.

However, it could not be more clear that using this form ofcontraception long-term is truly a prescription for disaster thatis loaded with enormouspotential complications. It is the ultimate irony that the veryreason it is being used, to enjoy sexual intercourse without becomingpregnant, actually reduces the very desire to have intercourse.

If you aren’t familiar with the other complications surroundingthis method of contraception, please read the related links below.

While many may not enjoy the inconvenience of naturalfamily planning, it does offer a safe and, if used correctly,highly effective alternative to birth control pills.

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