Statins do Absolutely Nothing for Alzheimer's & Dementia

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July 28, 2005 | 27,189 views

For many years, drug companies have sought another large market for their drugs: senility. However, the ineffectiveness of cholesterol-lowering drugs, known as statins, in preventing Alzheimer's and other kinds of dementia has become blatantly obvious, a study by the University of Washington proven.

Researchers followed some 2,800 older patients (average age 75) with no indication of cognitive problems at baseline. The team kept track of those who developed dementia and Alzheimer's over a six-year period -- giving patients memory and cognitive skills tests along the way -- noting any statin drug use.

Data showed that patients who took statins developed dementia or Alzheimer's at virtually the same rate as those who didn't take the drugs.

Time to Face the Music

Despite the telling results, "experts" aren't ready to accept defeat just yet. In fact, they are considering mounting a larger study that compares the "benefit" of statins versus a placebo on baby boomers over a longer period.

Archives of Neurology July 2005; 62:1047-1051

USA Today July 12, 2005

If you type in "statins" in Google you will find nearly 1 million hits. The number one listing in Google is my index page, The Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs.

Statin drugs are used to decrease heart disease, but we have known for some time that although they lower cholesterol they do not lower the death rate from heart disease. Don't believe me? Then read the PDF (Physician's Desk Reference) and see for yourself.

If you haven't reviewed this page yet and are on statins, or know someone who is, then this can be very important for you, even lifesaving. It is very clear that well over 99 percent of the people taking these drugs are actually made worse by them. They are only indicated for a very rare sub-population that has a genetic disease in which their LDL receptors are grossly damaged and malfunctioning. This disease is called familial hypercholesterolemia.

Yet, Pfizer profits were up 21 percent last quarter, primarily based on the sales of Lipitor.

Folks, statin drugs are dangerous, and any potential benefit they may provide you can be duplicated with appropriate diet and lifestyle changes that will actually improve your health rather than harm it.

In regard to preventing Alzheimer's disease, while statin drugs don't appear to be helpful, there are a number of safe options that are. Some tips to help you and your loved ones include:

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