Curcumin Spice Blocks Cancer Development

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July 30, 2005 | 32,047 views

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties of curcumin, the powerful yellow spice found in both turmeric and curry powders, have been undergoing intense research in various parts of the world.

According to researchers from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, curcumin blocks a key biological pathway needed for development of melanoma and other cancers.

The spice stops laboratory strains of melanoma from proliferating and pushes the cancer cells to commit suicide by shutting down nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB), a powerful protein known to induce an abnormal inflammatory response that leads to an assortment of disorders such as arthritis and cancer.

Flavorable Findings

Researchers treated three different melanoma cell lines with curcumin and evaluated the activity of NF-kB, as well as IKK, a protein that triggers NF-kB. Results showed that despite how much curcumin was used, the spice still:

More on Curcumin

Curcumin has long been utilized in India and other Asian nations for multiple uses, including a food preservative, a coloring agent, a folk medicine to cleanse the body and as a spice to flavor food.

What's telling, however, is that in India (where the spice is widely used) the prevalence of the top four U.S. cancers -- colon, breast, prostate and lung -- is 10 times lower.

Cancer July 11, 2005

Science Daily July 14, 2005

Wouldn't life be boring without spice?

Spices are absolutely wonderful and make quite a dramatic differencein the flavor of food. I also find it amazing that not only do weget a flavor boost, but many of the spices will actually improveour health.

Some of my favorite spices are the hot spices, and I love Thaifood. I am not as attracted as much to the curries, though.

That brings up a point, as you really do want to honor whatyour body tells you. If any food or spice does not taste good or"feel right," stay away from it -- no matter who is tellingyou how good it is for you. Your body is a far better judge of thatthan anything you will ever read. In other words:

Listen to your body.

Your body is designed to give you all the feedback you needto make the right food and lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, mostof you do not tune in to this important feedback system and do notfully utilize the benefits it can bring you.

It can even cure cancer.

Cancer is a big deal. It's estimated that nearly 1.5 millionnew cancer cases and nearly 600,000 cancer deaths will occur inthe United States this year. Cancer has recently unseated heartdisease as America's numberone killer of people under the age of 85.

So if you like curry, then by all means use it regularly inyour diet, as the evidence is very compelling that it will preventcancer. But if you don't like it, then don't worry, as there areno "magic bullets" for cancer. Just incorporate the otherapproaches to avoiding cancer into your life:

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